what animal collector are you

which member of animal collective are you? you could be any one of your four favorite animal boys: red panda, cartographer, ducky, or even artsy tearr

you may know the animals from their hit albums: whered the spirit go? tango dolphins, singy tingies, sadweather post courtyard, senses, millipede ouch, and grape jelly

Created by: deakinlover123

  1. youre stuck on a beach with a dancing multicolored baby. wyd?
  2. choose a band
  3. ideal breakfast
  4. how do you sing in the shower
  5. choose a pet
  6. your friend's band is playing on the same night as a show you've been looking forward to for months. wyd?
  7. choose a place
  8. package just arrived on your doorstep. what did you order?
  9. the venue your playing at is cutting your set 15 mins short, how do you react
  10. ideal weather
  11. choose an emoticon
  12. do you drive at the speed limit
  13. what would you do if i asked you to make funny faces with me in the mirror of the bathroom

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Quiz topic: What animal collector am I