What animal are you?

animalls all have different qualities as do humans. what animal qualities do you have? what animal are YOU most like out of the four here? mouse monkey dog cat la la la la

ever wonder if you were more like a monkey, mouse, dog, or cat? well now you'll know by taking this fantabulous quizzita... take ittt please =) ~craazzy cars~

Created by: Claudia
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2. What is your gender?
3. You are in math class and there is a hard question on the board. You are pretty sure of your answer so you...
wave your hand in the air and hope you get picked.
dont raise your hand, look down, hope the teacher doesnt pick you
raise your hand but you dont care if the teacher pics you or not
dont raise your hand, just because you dont feel like it
4. there is a guy/girl that you like. what do you do?
admire from/her afar. he/she would never go for you anyway.
talk to him/her!
make him/her laugh
5. your friend likes a guy/girl but is to shy to talk to him/her so your friend asks you to talk to him/her for her. you also like this person. what do you do?
talk to the guy/girl for your friend!
tell your friend that you cant (your too shy also)
forget your friend, and flirt with the guy/girl anyway
6. you are at a party and a guy/girl asks you to dance. you know you arent very good at dancing but you like the guy/girl. what do you say?
you laugh and joke about your dancing skills but dance with him/her anyway
say no thank you and blush
say okay and make a fool of yourself, but you both have fun anyways
say no thanks but give him/her your number
7. your friend tells you she has a secret that she doesnt want anyone to know. you know you have a big mouth so you...
tell her that you are afraid you will tell someone so please dont tell
listen to it and try your hardest to keep your mouth shut
listen to it and forget it was suppossed to be a secret
8. you want to try out for the cheerleading team but you are afraid you wont make it. what do you do?
dont try out. you wont make it.
Go for iT! so what if you dont make it? at least you tried
try out anyway.
9. your taking a test and you see someone cheating off your friends paper. do you tell?
of course! my friend would be mad if i didnt!
10. there is a dance on friday. do you go?
of course! i love having fun!
no... dancing isnt my thing
too many people at dances
yes but just because my friends are going... i probly wont dance
11. do you like spongebob?
no ...ew
12. are you as bored as me?
probably not
yes...(you are pretty bored if u are)
no but you will be becuz this is the last question..

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