What animal are you?

What animal are you? You could be anything. you're personality could match that of your favorite animal or not? This quiz will show you what your flag mascott should be... or what you would be if you were an animal.

Do you have what it takes? Take this quiz and see what you are. If you don't I'll get one of those animals to eat you all up in one bite... even the giraffe.

Created by: linz
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
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Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. When your friend gets a new boyfriend what do you do?
You are very happy for them and make it clear that you will be there for the both of them.
Laugha nd say, "good for you" and care less
Try and figure out what they do all the time.
Try your hardest to steal him because you can't stand being alone.
Make it clear that you will help them in anyway possible and stop at nothing to protect their relationship.
4. Your mother is depressed about something and she comes to you to talk. In return, you...
Hold her close and let her spill. You console her the best you can.
say, "sorry, mum. That sux" and continue what you're doing.
shrug and say, "figure it out"
Laugh and do nothing
Get pissed off and slam the door in her face.
5. you are sitting in the movie theater and someone won't stop talking behind you...
You turn around and ask them nicely to quiet down.
Try your hardest to ignore them
Spin around angrily and shout, "Shut the $%@& up!"
Try and listen in on their convorsation because the movie sucks
Tell admin to take care of it
6. You get a bad test score in school. How would you react?
Declare that it is unacceptable and you must work harder.
Shrug it off and say, "there's always next time"
Take the responsibility of finding out what your neighbor got.
Switch the scores in the test book and tellt he teacher they made a mistake
7. You're family is hungry what do you do?
Make a large, yummy dinner with pork, ribs and yummy veggies
Make a box of mac & cheese
Toss them a box of cereal
Ask the neighbors if you could join them
Invite yourself over to the neighbor's and eat all their food
8. What is your favorite food?
Meat meat meat and more meat... ok ok maybe a berry or two
Veggies... nothin more nutin less
What ever he's eatin... and I'll take it from em
MEAT Plenty of meat for me and my family
Natural, dry foods like health bars
9. What do you like to drink
Whatever's in the fridge
What ever i can find...
I like to steal alchohol from dad's bar
what ever is available to us
10. Wow... the fridge's empty
We must get food right away
I wonder if the neighbor's have any food
I think the neighbor's have some food... he he he
I suppose we need to go shopping
11. what's you're favorite movie?
Saving Private Ryan
Animal Documentaries
12. Favorite colour?
Red like blood
Blue like the pretty sky
Pink... it's cute
Black cuz it's dark and you can't see me!
Orange like the sun

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