What Alcohol Are You?

What Animal Are You? What Person Do You Attract? Are you a geek? What would you spend $1000 on? Are you a good driver? Are you an Internet Surfer? Are you athletic?How much do you know about Winnie the Pooh? BEEN THERE. DONE THAT.

INTRODUCING the new What Alcohol Are You? quiz! Fun and quirky, this test is sure to make you want to head to the nearest club or try it on a friend! GET QUIZZY NOW!

Created by: amazon
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3. You are about to go nightclubbing with a friend and she wants to know which one of you will not drink. What do you say?
We'll play it by ear.
You pick, I dont really care.
I'll be the driver. You relax.
4. You are having a dinner party with your parents and their friends. The host asks you what you want to drink. What do you say?
Just a beer, thanks.
If its loaded with 5 types of alcohol, I'm in!
Do you have any Coke?
None of the above.
5. A few friends pop in unexpectedly, and ask for a drink. You know they have to drive home again. What do you give them?
You give them something light, but tasty.
You bring out the Coke, Sprite and Pepsi.
You throw all you have into a blender. They can stay the night if they need to.
6. You are planning a night in with a few movies. You're out buying the snacks and need to pick a drink. You choose:
Hmm... you're already all snacked up and you've got work tomorrow. You'll find something at home.
As much alcohol as you can carry! After all, no one will see you.
You pick a carton and decide to drink one an hour.
7. You get promoted to Manager! To celebrate, you:
Go to the pub and celebrate with a few beers.
Take your other half to the cinema and shout him a Frozen Raspberry.
Buy the flat above the nightclub and vow to spend at least an hour a day there!
Go home. It was nothing special.
8. You've just won a dream holiday for seven people, seven days! You are in charge of buying the drinks and your budget is $300. How much alcohol do you buy?
You buy out the nearest store. Just in case.
You buy a bit of soft drink, a few cartons and a few bottles. They can pick and choose.
You buy next to nothing. After all, if they REALLY wanted alcohol, they would have bought it already.
You dont take the offer and make everyone buy their own drinks.
9. Your dogs girlfriend just died. All it does is mope around the house. You decide to try feeding it:
Milk. High in calcium, its sure to perk him right up!
You set out a few saucers with different alcohols, soft drinks and sports drinks in them. He can pick.
You give him a salad bowl full of your special blend; The Hangover. Two guesses to what it does.
10. A WAR IS IN YOUR COUNTRY! YOU HAVE TO EVACUATE! You bribe a guard to let you smuggle in a drink. What is it?
A bottle of fresh water. You'll need it.
A heavy beer. For when you need to forget what's happening
A mini-blender and small bottles of alcohol. Maybe you could make a business selling your specialty drinks!
Nothing. You dont bribe the guard.
11. You have gone crazy and need a bottle of drink to help start a fire. You search your bag for what you brought with you.
You find a bottle of Creaming Soda. Yeah, like that'll help!
You find a bottle of vodka and pour it onto the sticks you've collected.
You find nothing. You've given alcohol up! Damn it!
You find an aerosol can of deoderant. That'll do fine!
12. Your slaves aren't working fast enough! You give them:
Vodka and Kahlua

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