Web 3.0 & Semantic Web Quiz

Web 3.0 is, theoretically, the next generation of the Internet. Many believe that Web 3.0 and semantic technology will drastically influence the ways in which we use the web. This quiz is an examination of your knowledge on Web 3.0 and the future of the Internet.

Are YOU a Web 3.0 expert? Maybe you could even teach the Web 3.0 Unearthed team a thing or two. Give our quick quiz a whirl and in a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: Laura Matich of Web 3.0 unearthed
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1. What does AI stand for?
Abnormal Incursions
Access Input
Artificial Intelligence
Application Index
2. Who first coined the term 'semantic web'?
Fiona Martin
Tim Berners-Lee
Nova Spivack
Scott Jackson
3. What is the first name of Internet expert ........... Spivack?
4. Who is not in the Web 3.0 unearthed team?
Scott Jackson
Keiko Imai
Chris Wang
Laura Matich
5. How many billion active Internet users are there around the world?
4 billion
1 billion
3 billion
2 billion
6. The Law that states the amount of transistors in a computer chip doubles every 2 years is:
Mongo's Law
Marvin's Law
Nova's Law
Moore's Law
7. What is the abbreviation of the World Wide Web Consortium?
8. Who is the President of the Internet Society of Australia?
Phillip Noman
Daniel Sultan
Tony Hill
Bill Fence
9. What is the key feature to Web 2.0?
Information stores
10. What does HTTP stand for?
Hypertext Transfer Protocol
High Technology Time Portal
Holding To Technical Paradigms
Hyperlink To Transfer Portal

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