Wat would you use to get rid of your english teacher?

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modeloftheyear said:
Oct 20 '14, 5:22PM

How do I hire these monkeys... I need them by the end of the week. Thank you.

Nuna said:
Oct 18 '11, 12:02PM

sorry meant english lol

Nuna said:
Oct 18 '11, 12:01PM

yeah i made it cuz of my science teacher... she just had to be attacked by an army of monkeys or something

skatterbrain said:
Oct 6 '11, 5:00AM

stoned monkey
(sarcasticl y)i wunder
where in school am i gonna find
an army of monkeys?

pyrowolf said:
Feb 1 '11, 7:34PM

stoned monkeys will stab my teacher! yay!!!

bvb rocks said:
Feb 1 '11, 2:59PM

wow this quiz was random it was kinda fun but it was little boring i understand your pain.

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