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Anybody even an idiot can be a general.It takes a smart person to be a good general,so this quiz is here to find out what of 4 types of generals are you.

I feel like it is only one thing I can do for those in this country who are patriotic.I an a bit of a pro war person,but the only real proof of this is that I like the second ammendmment.

Created by: Nathan
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3. Your scouts tell you there is an enemy foce of 200 infantry,two miles away.What do you do?
Send a couple of sqauds to sneak up and destroy there ammunition supply.
Tell 3 tank divions to go and blow em up.
Have half the men dig some trenches then get the rest to lure the enemy here.
Send almost all the men to attack before they attack.
4. You are on your way to a lightly guarded city,but there is a enemy force 2X your's on the main road there.What do you do?
Find a way around and raid the supplies in the city.
Call a drop for more tanks an rush them.
Use your artillery to weaken then and the attack to get to the city.
Find mountains near the enemy and place some connons to help you brake through the enemy to the city.
5. Your soldiers begin to miss home.What do you do?
Find a way for them to get there letters sent home.
Remind them that if they win sooner they go home sooner.
Send the soldiers to a taken over city for rest while you use a new company.
Tell them they are soldiers deal with it.
6. A fire starts in camp.How do you respond?
Tell the men to put it out.
use it as an excuse to attack the enemy.
7. Your troops all of them the one's on the northern frontline are running low on ammo.What do you do?
Find the enemy and steal there ammunition at night.
Build more on the homefront.
Push towards the enemy factorys with speed and take there's.
8. Your army gose into a country to find that they are having a civil war.What action do you take?
Crush them all with your tanks,now this is your country.
Get one side of the civil war the help your cause.
Surround the country and blast away all who try to leave.
Go in and take all the cities quick,before the civil war gets worse.
9. In the begining of your nations start you needed to save money.what was the basic uniform for a soldier?
A thin jacket no hood,business pants and cheap boots.
A thick jacket with a hood,the soldiers own pants and donated boots.
10. You are in a city with 450 soldiers and are surrounded.The enemy has trenches and has been shelling you for two days.What do you do?
Make a brake out,charge 400 men and cover them with 50 mortors.
Use your last tanks to fight to the death while your men retreat somehow.
Use artillery on everything around the city don't give up.
Find sewers and sneak out of the city,you'll fight them when there divided.
11. You have just finished your campaign to "take back the homeland".Now you must deal with rebels.Whats your action?
Patrol the roads with heavy vehicles and place guns on trains.
Use small groups of men to search the whole land and kill resistance.
Give people with citizenship the 2nd Amenment.
Use MP's "Military Police" to guard major citys.
12. Just two years after your supper war a terrorist country uses planes to bomb you.What do you do?
Declare war"Get the factorys to build more tanks".
Declare war"Start building more cannons".
Declare war"recruit more infantry".
Secretly do the some terrorist attack against them.

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