Valentine's Day, a great day for the Hallmark folks, hot day for the Romeos, or expensive waste of time for the NOT so romantic type. Where do you fit in?

Maybe this quiz will help you figure out if you are a romantic romeo or a player? Or maybe it will just help pass some time when the boss isn't looking.

Created by: MadMaven of MadMaven's Lair
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3. It is Valentine's Day..and you want to take somebody special someplace that is "DIFFERENT". Where would you go?
grab a blanket and let's head for the beach!
let's picnic! a basket of flowers, cheese & wine to go, please!
a quiet cafe with soft, ambient lights & music
KFC !!!!!!!!!!
You check to see if back seat of car is available..
you recall seeing a discarded matress in a secluded alley...
4. A gift! A Gift! You must give your potential lover a gift for Valentine's Day! What will you give?
You KNOW and have EXACTLY what they would like!
Your prized jar of Toe-nail clippings!
ME...give them a gift? I expect a gift MYSELF!
Flowers, and lots of candle-light!
You ponder what can you give to get you "lucky" a bit later?
A music cd and a box of Godiva chocolates
5. Somehow, you end up with your date, at an expensive restaurant. You are VERY short on funds. What do you do?
Order whatever you want, then sneak out the door before the bill arrives!
You have a credit card stashed away just for such an emergency...not a problem!
You take charge when the waiter comes and order your date a water to go!
HONESTY. You tell your date the truth and work from there...
You hang out near the restrooms and panhandle.
You explain to your date that you need a loan but will pay them back "any way they like"...:)
6. your date spills a drink...and ooooops, it spilled all over a very private place. What do you do?
Rip off your shirt and get busy rubbing them all clean!
quickly hand them YOUR napkin and allow THEM to "clean up"
laugh your ass off! you tell them they didn't need those clothes anyway...
You quickly aid your companion in the most discreet way to overcome the situation...
SNICKER...and keep wolfing down your food.
You guide your date out asap to your place where you can get them out of those wet things asap!
7. Your date seems to be "starry eyed" and quite taken with you. You invited them on this date, but feel that their feelings are a bit stronger than you'd like in such a short amount of time. What do you do?
Smile to self and think"Oh yeahhhh baby....I am getting some action tonight!"
gently explain that though you like them a lot, you are not ready for anything serious at this time.
Ditch all plans to spend further cash! You got 'em!
You steer the date in a direction of distraction, to tone it down a bit.
You have a few drinks and say, what the hell...maybe I will like them more after another drink?
You quickly get thru the date and avoid the person afterwards.
8. Your date has had a few drinks too many! He/she is becoming VERY affectionate and "easy". What do you do?
Get them home safely and call it a night, you cannot take advantage!
Grope and Grab every chance you get!
Think of a few friends you can invite over to share this one with!
Continue your date, but respectfully avoid physical contact.
Take 'em home and do whatever they wanna do!
Gently suggest taking them home and plan seeing them some other time
9. Your lover wants something VERY EXPENSIVE for Valentine's Day. It's a bit costly and pretty much a financial hardship for you. What do you do?
BUY IT. They are worth the stress and expense!
Ask them "what will YOU give ME if I buy this for you?"
DUMP'em! There are low maintenance lovers everywhere!
Save your money and eventually buy it!
Laugh and say: B----! You aint worth it!
Tell'em you'll give them a job and let them "earn it".
10. It's Valentine's Day: Your love interest wants to go out but you promised to help a friend move to a new apartment. What do you do?
invite your love interest and both catch a movie or dinner afterwards
invite love interest over, intro to friend, sneak away and let friend help whilst you go to the bar!
apologize to love interest and make a rain-check for another night
buy some beer and invite love interest over, get rid of them "afterwards" and keep appt with friend too!
Invite love interest to help too, and buy pizza for all later and make the most of it!
if you feel you'll get lucky, you skip out on friend-period!
11. On Valentine's Day, your date is stung by a bee, right on the nose! The nose swells to 2x it's normal size and they look SCARY! What do you do?
Continue as planned, assuring them they are lovely as ever!
Point and laugh! Cancel plans and book out asap!
You bring along a paper bag for them to wear...
You allow THEM to choose to go out or stay in?
Make excuses to get out of the date!
Pretend you don't even notice and go out and have a great time.
12. On Valentine's Day, your date, who is a very novice driver, wants to drive your car! Yikes! What do you do?
You take them to a quiet area and allow them to drive.
You tell them you'll let them "shift gears" in the BACK SEAT!
Laugh and say noooo, and then do sweet things that makes them forget all about driving.
Work up a deal that if they do "this-n-that", they can drive it once around the block...
Tell em "DREAM ON"....and laugh.
Tell 'em, car is hazardous....I couldn't live if you got hurt!
13. Your date on Valentine's Day is somebody you work with and only like " a wee bit". You run into another hottie that you've always wanted to date. What do you do?
Intro the two, and politely continue your date.
DUMP the co-worker and take off with Hottie!
Keep current date, figuring on getting lucky with BOTH at some other time.
Try to work up a scheme to get them BOTH at same time!
Leave your current date and whisper and plan with other hottie a get together asap.
Continue date and don't even think of other person to ensure a fair chance for current date.
14. You are at a movie. It gets VERY graphic and scary and your date begins squirming and looking VERY uncomfortable. What do you do?
Usher them quickly out and suggest a nice walk or alternate pleasant activity.
Pull them close "to protect them"....and give them option to stay or leave.
Pull them closer pretending to protect them, but taking opportunity to let your hands roam!
Suggest the two of you go home and hide under the sheets from the scary boogeyman!
Laugh and keep munching popcorn. You're gonna watch it by golly!
Look at them slyly and say:"Wanna see something REALLY scary?"
15. There is a BIG Valentine's Day Dance. You REALLY wanted to go. An unattractive person who likes you asks you. You have NO attraction to them at all. What do you do?
Politely decline, even if it means staying home!
If you can "score" you'll accept! A score is a score!
Out of pity, accept. Who knows...maybe you'll grow to like em?
Laugh and say: "YOU WISH!"
Accept the date and fish around to see if they have any attractive friends.
Go along "as a friend" and pay your own way and make it clear it's only a friends kinda outing.
16. Which of the following places would you go to on a hot Valentine's Day date?
a nude beach
a quiet cafe
a noisy concert
dinner and a movie
a theme park
Joe's Bar and grill

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