ultra hard star wars quiz

starwars is a vast universe and there is much to know about it, do you think you know it all? find out! you will have to be an expert to take my quiz!

do you think you know both star wars? well we will see, to beat my quiz you have to have played the games, watched the movies, and read the books! are you prepared?

Created by: ace peacock
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1. easy:how does a light saber work?
force crystals in the hilt power it
pure force energy from the jedi
a fusion core
thermal reactor box in the hilt
2. easy:which of these force moves is drawn from the dark side?
force speed
battle meditation
force supression
energy reflection
3. medium i hope you played ur video gamez: who is the last boss in jedi knights of the old republic two?
darth nihilus
darth sion
darth traya
master atris
4. medium:in jedi knights of the old republic 2, the iridoian's name is?
freedon marr
5. hard hope uve read star wars ultimate visual guide: how many years before yavin were the mandolorian wars?
6. hard: which dark lord of the sith made the rule one master one apprintice?
darth kaan
naga sadow
ulic qel-droma
darth bane
7. hard: the name of exar kun's master was?
nomi sunrider
vodosiosk baas
8. hard:who saved aayla secura when she was young and brought her to the jedi temple?
qui-gon jinn
mace windu
quinlan vos
count dooku
9. hard:who lead the crimanial organization black sun the first time the organization came to the galaxy?
darth sidious
jango fett
alexi garyn
prince xizor
10. hard:who was prince xizor's android?
dash rendar
ellfe mon
11. hard:who took a short lived control over the empire after the empoer's death?
grand moff eigen
grand admiral tthrawn
joruus c'both
borsk fey'lya
12. do u think u did well?
i stunk
i hate this quiz its hard
this quiz is awsome i rocked i luv star wars
well i tried nice quiz though
13. one last thing who is the most important character in star wars?

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