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Treehugger33 said:
Feb 12 '15, 4:47PM

I am pretty young so I haven't read a lot. Some I was guessing, but on those it was pretty obvious. I got a 45% so i'm not that bad.

Jesusgirl said:
Feb 1 '15, 2:15PM

I love Jesus. This is a great Quiz to share the Bible.

Jesusgirl said:
Feb 1 '15, 2:14PM

I love Jesus. This is a great Quiz to share the Bible

Whiplash said:
Jan 22 '15, 9:25PM

66%, I must improve in my following of God

ColliesRule35 said:
Jan 8 '15, 11:30PM

66% and I thought I was perfect

Taliacatallegro said:
Nov 9 '14, 11:28PM

I was guessing, 33% and an atheist. Never looked at a stupid bible

EmmyTheViolist said:
Oct 17 '14, 2:24AM

100%. I am a full believer. There is quite a bit of proofnout there supporting it. What proof is there of Evelution? Ummm. None actually!

awn said:
Oct 2 '14, 12:06PM

96%. Hmm. I've sort of lost my faith though and haven't read the stuff in months.

Bastille said:
Aug 27 '14, 6:45PM

I got a 40%, and I'm an atheist. ._. I did read the first 12 pages though.

naturelover36 said:
Aug 7 '14, 2:12AM

Got 95% and love it!

Craig Johnson said:
Jul 21 '14, 10:53AM

54% And i'm a Satanist \,,/ \,,/

Thooxomuefru said:
Jul 13 '14, 10:33PM

I'm an atheist, and apparently a biblical scholar. You learn a lot about the Bible when you question it.

janeaustenfan said:
Jul 2 '14, 10:02AM

97!!! One of the best here!!

amcit said:
Apr 21 '14, 7:46PM

97%. It would be nice if I could find out which ones I got wrong, but they don't let you know. What a shame!

mouthfulofstars said:
Mar 4 '14, 12:56AM

68% and I was just guessing.

ohinz said:
Feb 11 '14, 1:18PM

With multiple choice answers like "Donald Trump, Donald Duck, Don Knotts, or the Good Samaritan," I hardly consider this a test of Biblical scholarship.

I am a Biblical scholar, but this quiz was insulting.

mimimoose said:
Dec 28 '13, 8:03AM

45%! Surprising--I completely guessed on most of the questions, but some I could answer through process of elimination and from Jewish/Muslim knowledge.

Nepeta said:
Dec 4 '13, 10:05PM

I am an atheist, being a former Christian I easily got 42%

Whizzarine said:
Dec 4 '13, 2:56AM

I gt a 98% lvd t!:-)

bncube said:
Nov 19 '13, 6:29PM

Loved the quiz but Iv would like to know the ones I got wrong.

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