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Do you think that you know you're televison trivia? Well don't be so sure. You might find some of the questions challenging. While others might appear obvious.

Try this quiz and see how much you know. You just may find out that you're spending too much time watching TV. Plus, you might find some interesting and entertaining facts.

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1. What was "The Munsters" home address?
1313 Graveyard Lane
1313 Mockingbird Lane
1313 Transylvania Lane
1313 Deadend Lane
2. In "Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C.", Gomer was an expert at using what weapon?
The Machine Gun
The Rifle
The Flame Thrower
The Bazooka
3. What character had notoriously bad eyesight in the TV show "F Troop"?
Trooper Vanderbilt
Trooper Dobbs
Troop Duffy
Cpl Argarn
4. What was the name of the family dog in "Full House"?
They didn't have a dog
5. What connection did Oliver have with Arnold the pig in "Green Acres"?
Oliver loves pork
They have the same middle name
The share the same birthday
Arnold's owner is Oliver's Father-in-law
6. How many different actors played Catwoman on "Batman"?
7. What was Captain James T. Kirk's brother's name?
He didn't have a brother
8. Who was Underdog's voice in the cartoon series of the same name?
Dick York
Mel blank
Edgar Buchanan
Wally Cox
9. What was the full character name of The Professor in "Gilligan's Island"?
Jonas Grumby
Bob Denver
Roy Hinkley, Jr.
They never mention his name
10. What actor played Clarabelle Hornblow on "The Howdy Doody Show"?
Bob Keeshan
Robert Goulet
Don Knotts
Bob Smith
11. Who was the first host of "The Today Show" when it aired on January 14, 1957?
Jack Parr
Hugh Downs
John Chancellor
Dave Garroway
12. What was the first product to be advertised on television?
Ivory Soap
Timex Watches
Ipana Toothpaste
Lux Detergent
13. As of January 1st, 2007, what was the longest running regularly scheduled prime time TV Show?
14. What show had the brothers Larry, Darrell and Darryl?
My Three Sons
The Bob Newhart Show
Saturday Night Live
15. Who was know as "Mr Television"?
Bob Hope
Milton Berle
Geroge Burns
Ernie Kovacs
16. What cartoon featured a boy and his pet sea serpent?
Kookla, Fran and Ollie
Winky Dink
Crusader Rabitt
Beanie and Cecil
17. What show featured the Bradford family?
Good Times
Charles in Charge
Eight is Enough
Family Ties
18. What character did Marion Lorne play on television?
Aunt Bea
Aunt Clara
Aunt Zelda
Aunt Hilda
19. Who was the only actor to reprise his roll in M*A*S*H* from the movie of the same name?
Larry Linville
McLane Stevenson
Harry Morgan
Gary Burghoff
20. What actor was "Lost In Space"?
Guy Williams
Tom Cruise
Jack Palance
Raymond Burr

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