TV- See if you Know about my favorite TV shows!!!

There are many TV shows in the world, but only so many that I enjoy. Some of these include Full House, The Match Game, Next, Are you Afraid of the Dark? and American Idol. I enjoy some shows more than others, and I know more about some shows then others. This is a test to see how much YOU know.

Do you know what my FAVORITE TV shows are? Do you know a lot about them? Well, you better get rounded up, and you better study if you don't. Because, this quiz includes questions about my favorite shows. Think you can handle it? Then, take the quiz and see how high you score!

Created by: Mat

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  1. What is my favorite reality show?
  2. What is my favorite comedy?
  3. What is my favorite game show?
  4. What is my favorite "horror" show?
  5. What is my favorite TV show?
  6. American Idol- What American Idol contestant will be staring in the Broadway show, "The Color Purple?"
  7. Sabrina the Teenage Witch- What are Sabrina's aunts name?
  8. Full House- Who played DJ in "Full House?"
  9. DWTS- How many couples EVER competed in the American version of "Dancing with the Stars?"
  10. DWTS & Lingo- Which former "Dancing with the Stars" contestant is the co-host on "Lingo?"
  11. Sabrina the Teenage Wicth- Who is Harvey Kinkle?
  12. Are you Afraid of the Dark?- What episode is the main character an alien, and they turn the top floor of an apartment into a toy store?
  13. DWTS- Who was Vivica A. Fox paired with in Season 2?
  14. Family Feud- Who was the original host of the show?
  15. Drake & Josh- Who played the girl that was in love with Drake in the "Number 1 Fan" episode?
  16. The Suite Life of Zack & Cody- What episode of "The Suite Life" includes Zac Efron?
  17. Drake & Josh- In the episode where their Dad wheres a dress, what does he have underneath to make it look like he has u-know-wuts?
  18. American Idol- Who was the host in Season 1 of "Idol?"
  19. Full House- How many seasons of the show where there?

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