Turkey Day Trivia

Thanksgiving is one of the United States beloved holidays, but do you know many facts about the holiday? Before you stuff your mouth, exercise your brain by taking this Turkey Day Trivia.

When it is time to talk turkey, do you know your facts? If you think you have what it takes, strut your stuff by taking this Thanksgiving Day Trivia.

Created by: The Kitchen Witch of Mouth of the South
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  1. What's the top turkey producing state in the U. S.?
  2. Which U. S. President declared that Thanksgiving be held on the fourth Thursday of November?
  3. Who made known their opinion that the turkey rather than the bald eagle should be the U. S. national bird?
  4. About _____ will end up on the dinner table this Thanksgiving
  5. Who was the first President to declare Thanksgiving a national holiday?
  6. The first Macy's Day parade debuted in ______?
  7. The first televised Macy's Day Parade debuted in ____?
  8. "Traditional" Thanksgiving fare that you wouldn't have found on the table in Plymouth colony in 1621.
  9. NBC Radio broadcast the first national Thanksgiving Day game in 1934, when the Detroit Lions hosted the _________.
  10. Turkeys originated in North and Central America, and evidence indicates that they have been around for over __________ years.

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