True Tech N9ne FAN Quiz

People think they know Tech N9ne but you have no idea.. you have to listen to his lyrics. and figure out what hes tellin you wow this thing is makin have more words i dont really care yeah just keep typin and typing and typing and typin

you probobly dont know anything just beacuse you "only like the beat" or only "like the chorus". and i gatta just keep typin and typing and typing and typinjust keep typin and typing and typing and typinjust keep typin and typing and typing and typinjust keep typin and typing and typing and typin

Created by: Tha Duke n Andy
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What is Tech N9nes Full real name?
Tech N9ne
Donny dontez Yates
Tecca Nina
Aaron Dontez Yates
Brad X
4. How many Kids does he have
5. What does The Tech stand for in TECH N9NE?
tech ed
6. what does the 9 stand for in Tech "N9ne"?
just there to not look original
looks cooler
Number of completion
nothing else like it
everything after is double or triple
7. Why does his Red SPIKED hair Symbolize?
His crazy thoughts. explodin out of his head
cuz its badass
he gets so much pussy from it
cuz hes tech n9ne
his friend who passed away used to have it like that
8. Who released tech n9nes album celcius?
big krizz kaliko
travis O guin'
Diamond Joe
Quincy Jones
9. How many SOLO albums did Tech release on strange music?
10. Which of his children is from another women?
11. Which of the 57th street rouge dog villains was killed?
Big scoop
TXX will
rich da factor
don jaun
Ahm Jaud Bacarri
short nitty
12. Which one of Tech's closest friends said he owed him 100 g's?
traivs o' guin
black walt
don juan
kutt kalhoun
mitchel bade
13. Why does he Still wear his wedding ring?.. when he is divorced
He still lovse his wife
Married to his kids
Married to his music
married to his fans
married to the money
married to God
14. Why is Twisted the only song that he has in heaven on Anghellic?
he didnt want people to think he worships the devil
show his religious faith
he made it with roger troutman before he died
its the best song on the album
thats when he died at the end of the album
its the last song
15. Finish This Lyric. "who the hell is satan? why i gatta be him?"
i dont roll with devils. i just run and leave em
I aint worship nathan, so why you gatta see him?
the devils a faggot.sittin suckin seamen
gods my only savior so why would i need em?
16. you better be able to Finish this lyric. "F---____ ____ and everybody down wit em and F--- ____!!!
don juan, midwest side
Jay ferris, JCOR
jay-z, rockafella
dave weiner, JCOR
17. Why did he HAVE to get his hair cut off?
he wanted to look more mainstream
look cleaner
It was falling out
thought it was boring
gettin old
to much to handle
18. In "Be warned" what does "eleven eeight seventy O N E bomb" mean?
11870 his the amount of words in alll his songs
Its his date of birth
date his mom died
the date he started rapping
19. if your a true tech fan What is 6688846993?
all his lucky numbers combined into a bar code
dates of 2 people that are closest to him
NNUTTHOWZE spelled out on a phone
numbers of all the streets he lived on put together

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