Tim Burton Bio 1

You just had 5 minutes to scan the biography of Tim Burton. With scanning you should not read the complete text but just pick up some bits and pieces of the text, to get the main idea.

Did you pick up the right things to get through this test all right? Did you seperate the important bits from the less important bits? Good luck wit these 10 questions.

Created by: Miss van Gijsel of Miss van Gijsel's Digital Classroom
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1. Tim Burton was born in Burbank, New York
2. One of his heroes was Vincent Price
3. Burtpn enjoyed his work on The Fox and the Hound
4. During his Disney years he got to work on which of these personal projects
Corpse Bride
5. For what studio did Tim Burton make the Batman films?
Warner Brothers
6. Which project was his first with "full creative control over a feature film"?
Edward Scisserhand
Sleepy Hollow
7. With whom of his partners does Tim Burton have a child?
Lisa Marie
Helena Bonham Carter
Lena Gieseke
8. Which of his films was based on a novel?
Nightmare before Chrismas
Corpse Bride
Big Fish
9. How was Corpse Bride filmed
with animation (2D drawings)
with stop-motion animation (3D models)
with real life actors
10. What project is Tim Burton working on (and is now to be released in 2010)?
a remake of Vincent
a movie about a suicidal teenager
another version of Alice in Wonderland

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