The Zombie Survival Test by Zapo

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Oscar90 said:
Aug 21 '10, 2:57PM

yeh the guy who did this needs to do some research because m1 could be 120 mm M1 gun(anti aircraft)a flamethrower or 4 other guns, atlest he got the winchester stealth right, cos the only one that has stealth model is 70. and id take the desert eagle jericho 941 model THIS QUIZ SUCKED ASS COMPARED TO MANY OTHERS but it sayes i survive the whole thing which made me give it a good rating

Jace said:
May 10 '10, 1:54PM

I survive the whole thing.

Parham6 said:
May 1 '10, 7:39AM

2 days. nice s---!

7DaysOfDeath said:
Sep 17 '09, 1:57AM

Try my test, "The Most Accurate Zombie Survival Quiz" or the later "Zombie Survival Scenarios" it is not as bland or as the previous comments state, that I agree with, "sub-moronic"! Have more pride, only 12 questions and a couple of ending results? Monkey turds!

E Lunatic said:
Jul 19 '09, 11:17PM

Wtf? This thing is sub-moronic.

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