The X-Files Test

Hey, all you X-Files fans want to try the ultimate Scince Fiction Test. It's fun and will take some brain power and patience.Do your best and just know that you can always take the test again! Enjoy!

Take the ultimate X-Files Test, to see if you have the knowledge to pass a a fan of the show, an honorary F.B.I. Agent and belong to a U.F.O. Club! So, come one, don't chicken out, take the test and see if you've got what it takes.

Created by: Sky of Sky's SciFi World
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1. What is an X-File?
A Top Secret Document
A File with the Letter 'X' on it
Cases that Pertain in Paranormal Phenomenon
A Series of File Names starting with the Leter 'X'
2. Which FBI Agent first worked with Fox Mulder on 'The X-Files'?
Deap Throat
Dana Scully
Diana Fowley
3. Between what Two Seasons, does the Movie - 'The X-Files - Fight the Future' take place?
Between Seasons 2 and 3
Between Seasons 5 and 6
Between Season 7 and 8
Between Season 4 and 5
4. What does FBI stand for?
Federal Bureau of Imagination
Far Beyond Intelligence
Free Brokers Insurance
Federal Bureau of Investigation
5. What is the Month and Day of Dana Scully's Birthdate?
February 23rd
December 22nd
March 1st
6. Which of the Following is a type of Alien?
C.G.B.Spender (Smoking Man)
Cassandra Spender
Fox Mulder
Shapeshifting Bounty Hunter
7. Where does Mulder and Scully's First X-Files take Place?
Washington D.C.
New Mexico
8. Throughtout seasons 1-7, Who is Mulder Desperately trying to Find?
His Twin
His Father
His F.B.I. Partner
His Sister - Samantha
9. How many Siblings does Dana Scully have?
None - She was an only Child
10. How many years has Scully worked on the X-Files?
9 Years
15 Years
7 Years
3 Years
11. In what Season was Mulder Abducted?
Season 9
Season 1
Season 5
Season 7
12. When Mulder is Abducted, who is assigned to 'The X-Files' and becomes Dana Scully's New Partner?
Assistant Director Skinner
Director Kersh
Agent Monica Reyes
Agent John Dogget
13. Who are Mulders Two contacts that give him Top Secret Information?
Skinner and 'X'
Deep Throat and C.B.G. Spender (Smoking Man)
Skinner and Deep Throat
Deep Throat and 'X'
14. What was Mulders nickname at the Academy?
U.F.O. Boy
None of the above( He never had a nickname)
15. What did Dana Scully's nickname her father gave her?
16. Someone in John Doggets Family dies. Who was it?
His wife
His father
His son
His mother
17. John Dogget and Monica Reyes were talking about pets. She said, "John, you are a what type of person?"
A cat person
A dog person
A bird person
A hampster person
18. Who was the assassin that killed both Mulders' father and Scully's sister?
C.G.B.Spender (Smoking Man)
Alex Krycek
Deep Throat
19. What pets did Mulder have?
20. What pet did Scully get while on a case?
A cat
A dog
A Bird
21. What did Mulder tell Scully what Creature he hated?
22. What insect was at the crime scenes, untill Mulder arrived?
23. What were the names of the Ghost that trapped Mulder and Scully in the haunted house?
Maurice and Lydia
Jeffrey and Cassandra
John and Tina
William and Monica
24. Who was the woman who looked identical to Mulders Sister?
An Identitcal Twin
A Clone
An Alien
Non of the above (It was Mulders Sister)
25. Who is the father of Sscully's baby?
John Dogget
Fox Mulder
Unknown (Never revealed in the show)
26. Who did Scully name her baby - William - after?
Mulders Father
Scully's Brother
A Friend
Fox William Mulder
27. How did Monica Reyes get assigned to 'The X-Files'?
She volunteered
By Director Kersh
By Dana Scully
By John Dogget
28. Mulder was accused of killing a man, who was suposidly dead, but came back to life?
An Aliea
A Clone
A Super-Soldier
A Man made of Metal
29. Who killed Alex Krycek?
C.G.B. Spender (Smoking Man)
30. Who told Skinner that they could give him a thousand lives if he killed Mulder?
C.G.B.Spender (Smoking Man)
Jeffrey Spender
Alex Krycek
31. Where was Mulder and Krycek kelp prisoner and test with the Black Oil?
32. What body part of Alex Krycek was cut off by a group of rebels hidding in the woods of Russia?
His left leg
His right arm
His thumb on his left hand
His middle finger on his right hand
33. What is Scully's sisters' name?
34. In the final episode of season 9, Who did Mulder and Scully find out in the New Mexico Desert?
Alex Krycek
Mulders sister Samantha
C.G.B Spender (Smoking Man)
Deep Throat
35. Why did Mulder have to disapear after rescuing Scully and her baby in Season 8?
He need to find his sister - Samantha
Because an X-File case needed to be solved
He was in danger from the SuperSoldiers
He had to meet the Lone Gunman for a Top Secret meeting
36. John Byers, Melvin Frohike and Richard Langle run a news-paper, what is the news-paper called?
Computer Wiz
The Conspirators
Lone Gunman
The Hacker Trio
37. What does E.B.E. stand for?
Electrical Bionic Energy
Extraterrestrial Biological Entity
Electrionic Base Equipment
Extraordinary Bete Equipment
38. In the first episode of Season 1 - Mulder said to Scully, "That's why they put the 'I' in the what?
Invisible Entity
39. How did Skinner save Mulder's life after he was returned from his abduction in Season 7?
Giving him a vaccine
Cutting off his life-support
Giving him the alien virus
Putting a metal implant on the back of his neck
40. What was found in the back of Dana Scully's neck?
A metal implant
A computer chip
A Locator Devise
A Scar

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