The Ultimate Wizard of Oz Quiz

Perhaps one of the first films we see as a child is the incredibly fantastic "Wizard of Oz" (1939). With it's wonderfully unforgettable characters created by L. Frank Baum, it is perhaps our first introduction to the world of cinema.

But how carefully were you watching the many times probably saw it. This quiz will truly test your onscreen knowledge of the film as well as some offscreen trivia. Take the test to see how well you know "The Wizard of Oz"!

Created by: Gregory Cupoli
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2. What is your gender?
3. What was Dorothy's last name?
4. Who does Dorothy first meet when she first runs away?
Captain Marvel
Glinda, The Good Witch
The Scarecrow
Professor Marvel
5. What do the Witch's guards chant outside her castle?
Oreo! Eee Yo!
Oh, We love the old one!
Yo Ho Ho!
Oh, We OOO!
6. What does it say on the Wizard's Balloon?
Omaha State Fair
Kansas State Fair
Emerald City State Fair
Nebraska State Fair
7. In Kansas, Who threatens to take Toto?
The Wicked Witch
Frances Gumm
Miss Gulch
Auntie Em
8. Which dance number was cut from The Wizard of Oz?
The Charleston
The Hootchy Cootchy
The Tango
The Jitterbug
9. What was the sister's name of Witched Witch of the West?
The Wicked Witch of The North
The Wicked Witch of The East
Glinda, The Good Witch
Molly Munchkin
10. Which President is mentioned in a song lyric from the movie?
11. What is the name of the head monkey as it appears in the final credits?
12. Who was originally cast as The Tinman?
Edward G. Robinson
Fred Astaire
Gene Kelly
Buddy Ebsen
13. What does The Wicked Witch write in the sky with her broomstick?
Welcome, Dorothy!
Surrender Dorothy!
Dorothy Go Home!
Dorothy, Beware!
14. What are the Tinman's first words?
My heart!
Thank you!
Oil Can!
Who are you?
15. Why doesn't Auntie Em tell off Miss Gulch?
She doesn't like to swear
She's a "woman of the Bible"
"Being a good Christian Woman", she can't say it
"Not with children present!"
16. What does the sign say on the door to Emerald City?
Welcome One & All!
Now Entering Emerald City!
Bell Out of Order, Please Knock!
Home of The Wizard!
17. How many total characters does Henry Morgan (The Wizard) play in the movie?
18. Who are real Munchkinland Characters?
The Lollipop Kids
The Lollipop League
The Lollipop Guild
The Lollopop Trio
19. The Wizard of Oz won an oscar for:
Best Picture
Best Actress
Best Costumes
Best Song
20. Why doesn't The Cowardly Lion count sheep to fall asleep?
He can't count
He's allergic to wool
He's afraid of them
"It's a Baaa-d idea."

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