The Ultimate pokemon trivia test

Pokemon has been around for a little bit more than 10 years now. Japan has completed 10 seasons and 10 movies, and America isn't too far behind. It is almost as popular as Mario, and a great game. I have been a fan for over 10 years.

This quiz will test you on your knowledge of Pokemon. Don't worry if you get a bad score if you haven't played in a long time. There has been so much new stuff that I have included in this quiz, its almost impossible to get 100%!

Created by: Costa
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1. How do you get an Eevee to evolve into a Leafeon?
Get a Leaf Stone
Teach Eevee Solarbeam and level it up
Level Eevee up near the Mossy Rock
Level Eevee up while holding a Green Shard
2. What 3 pokemon does Gary use in the pokemon episode "Ill-Will Hunting"?
Electabuzz, Arcanine, Nidoqueen
Pikachu, Shieldon, Umbreon
Blastoise, Espeon, Elecitivire
Electivire, Blastoise, Umbreon
3. Which pokemon below evolve into a different pokemon by happiness?
Happini, bonsly, Mime Jr.
Treecko, Pichu, Golbat
Riolu, Buneary, Golbat
Crobat, Riolu, Buneary
4. Name the four basic "rodent" pokemon- there is one from each region.
rattata, sneasel, zangoose, bibarel
bidoof, rattata, sentret, poochyena
zigzagoon, sentret, bidoof, rattata
buneary, happini, pachirisu, zangoose
5. What does Manaphy evolve from?
It does not evolve
6. What 2 pokemon does Ash use to battle in the Battle Tower in the movie Destiny Deoxys?
Pikachu and Corphish
Taillow and Grovyle
Torkoal and Pikachu
PIkachu and Snorunt
7. You have an advantage if you've wathced the 10th pokemon season in japan: What 5 pokemon does Ash end up with at the end of season 10?
Piakchu, Aipom, Turtwig, Staravia, Finneon
Pikachu, Turtwig, Staravia, Chimchar, Buizel
Pikachu, Aipom, Turtwig, Staravia, Chimchar
Pikachu, Staravia, Buizel, Spiritomb, Turtiwg
8. What pokemon can you hatch from the Odd Egg in Pokemon Crystal?
PIchu, Sentret, Magmar, Jynx
Electabuzz, Pikachu, Cubone, Smoochum
Smoocum, Pichu, Elekid, Magby
Magby, Elekid, Azurill, Smoochum
9. What new Pokemon-related character will be playable in Super Smash Bros. Brawl?
Pokemon Trainer
Ash Ketchum
10. What is the first Pokemon Ash cathces in the Johto region?
11. Which of the following pokemon does Giovanni use in his Gym Battle against Gary?
12. Which of the following Pokemon can learn Dragon claw?
13. Which of the following Pokemon can use the move Dark Void?
Not listed
14. What legendary pokemon does Ash's Charizard battle in Pokemon 3: The Movie?
15. How do you get a Tangrowth or a Mamoswine?
Level up Tangela,Piloswine after learning ancientpower
Trade Piloswine or Tangela to make them evolve
Teach Tangela Power Whip/Piloswine Horn Attack
Use a Leaf Stone/ Dusk Stone
16. The last question is the trickiest: What Pokemon does Brock's Croagunk battle at the beginning of Pokemon 10: The Movie?

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