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kw11 said:
May 1 '16, 9:51PM

you people that make this quiz are stupid because half the answers are wrong so you really truly need to stop making people feel stupid when you say it's the wrong answer that is correct

collielove said:
Apr 10 '16, 1:52AM

This quiz stinks and I'm not stupid. I got 36% w

Christ Love said:
Nov 20 '14, 1:00AM

Dont make fun of me. IM 13 I GOT ONLY 14%. Fill in th blank. I am ____________! I have autism, add and adhd. Look it up if you dont know wat it meens.

From ________ girl.

shoottowin said:
Jun 29 '14, 2:06PM

Faith, that was a trick question. He actually means: the 7th letter of the word the alphabet. I got 86% and i'm 11.

bfaithr said:
Oct 24 '12, 11:09AM

G is actually the 7th letter...

h20nicki said:
Nov 6 '11, 3:13PM

really maybe cause im 11 years old deal with that idiot i didnt understand some of the questons im flagging this quiz a--hole ( middlefinger )

snoopy rules said:
Dec 21 '10, 10:53AM

i know this quiz they took things from a test of do u have dementia ( NO I DONT)and stuck it in here tht is y my anser wuz geniues. heh.

mayfair2005 said:
Jul 6 '08, 8:33AM

is it just me or am i right?
6. What is 30 divided by half plus 10?
so 30/15=2+10=12 (30/2=15, half of 30)

which mean the answer i can up with wasn't on the list...
i think most of the answers i gave were right but the quiz was wrong...

leiau0 said:
May 20 '08, 9:52AM

ha ha it works sooooo well i made ma friend do it an it said she waz thick it sooooooo works

Biicky said:
May 15 '08, 3:56AM

People dont think (if you make a quiz usually its has to be enjoyabe) who agrees?

HyperSilver0 said:
May 12 '08, 3:06PM

If you people aren't stupid then why didn't you get the right answer?!?!?!

Soccerstar said:
May 11 '08, 9:51AM

Guess who gets all A+? Me!!!! And is that stupid??
This quiz stinks

HyperSilver0 said:
May 11 '08, 9:18AM

Oh yeah, and broadwaybound55, you are too stupid if you spell it "stouped"

HyperSilver0 said:
May 11 '08, 9:16AM

It wa in "the alpHabet" idiot

bethanntome said:
May 10 '08, 11:46AM

First off!! f is the 7th letter in ALPHABET and in the word ALPHABET its the 4th not the 7th learn how to count and this quiz was a wast!

Sammy girlz said:
May 10 '08, 1:00AM

wow,this is so.. bogus

Puppy xo1 said:
May 9 '08, 11:24PM

You are 50% genius!

If you thought you were going to get a good score, then you were incorrect. Sorry, but you're a little on the stupid side. You get a D. D for Dumb.

Yea I knew them others. I just wasn't thinkin.

south_park_as_awesome said:
May 9 '08, 7:23AM

WTF?!? I am not stupid, I got a scholarship two days ago!!! This quiz is random.

broadwaybound55 said:
May 8 '08, 7:53PM

i guess i am stouped....WOW and to say i get all a's on my report card...i don't get it..LOL

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