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  • Good quiz your not a soccer genus to the person who made the quiz because you nead to know all the positions by there short and long name like
    L F-Left forward
    RF-right forward
    CF-Center forward
    LAM-left attacking midfield
    RAM-Right attacking midfield
    CAM-Cente r attacking midfield
    LM-Left Midfield
    RM-Right Midfield
    CM-Center Midfield
    LDM-Left Defensive Midfield
    RDM-Right Defensive Midfield
    CDM-Cente r Defensive Midfield
    LD-Left Defender
    RD-Right Defender
    CD-Center Defender
    SW-SWeepe r
    GK-Goal Keeper (A.K.A. Goalie)

    dcn Nov 29 '14, 3:31PM
  • Seriously??! I have never heard the term "tapper" used in soccer. and "half-back" and "full-back" This isnt football!!! I have played soccer since i was 6 I should know.
    But with you other commenters, enough with the bad words! the quiz was a good try.

    CFtwins Jul 25 '14, 4:22PM
  • offence is NOT a position in football (not soccer). Offence is an American term and used in American football, try forward or striker dumb---.

    tompkin555 Nov 26 '13, 12:53AM
  • I have never took part in such a bad quiz, stupid Americans, offence and tapper what a joke.

    tompkin555 Nov 26 '13, 12:47AM
  • @aaa from first page
    Offense and defense ARE positions you dumb---. Go out there and learn the sport rather than saying something that's incorrect.

    OFFEN CE is a position you idiots.

    holavirgo May 23 '12, 12:14AM
  • 100%

    Rainbow Poptartz May 20 '12, 12:52PM
  • 100 percent (: that what I get considering Ive played soccer since I was 3 :P

    10trent33 Mar 4 '12, 12:47PM

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