The "Real" Eminem Quiz

Some people call themselves Eminem Fans, some people also think they are Eminem. May peope claim to be Eminems biggest fan, yes you might have all his CD's but how much do you actually now about his music, lifestyle and Eminem himself?

Ok so you think you know Eminem? Well Try this test, its fairly Simple... So You Must get 100% to consider yourself a True Eminem fan! If you dont get 100& then i suggest you put away your Eminem CD's and stop claiming to be Eminems biggest fan. However these questions are quite simple so any mistakes and there is no chance your Eminems biggest fan!!

Created by: Michael
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1. What is Eminems Full Name?
Marshall Bruce Mathers
Marshall Bruce Mathers II
Marshall Bruce Mathers III
Marshall Kennedy Mathers
Marshall Kennedy Mathers II
2. What Year was Eminem Born?
3. What Was The Name of Eminems First Album?
The Eminem Show
The Slim Shady LP
The Marshall Mathers LP
Curtain Call
4. Does Eminem Wear Glasses?
5. Whats the Name of Eminems Tattoo Artist?
Mr. Cartoon
Mr. Scribbles
Mr. Animation
Mr. Tattoo
Mr. Jack
6. Out Of These Songs Which Song Was Released First?
The Way I Am
The Real Slim Shady
Like Toy Soldiers
When I'm Gone
My Name Is
No Apologies
7. Out Of These Songs Which Song Was Most Recently Released?
The Way I Am
The Real Slim Shady
Like Toy Soldiers
When I'm Gone
My Name Is
No Apologies
8. Whats Eminems Favourite Colour?
Light Blue
9. To record "97 Bonnie and Clyde" Where Did Em tell Kim he was taking Hailie?
Too Chuck E. Cheese
Too The Record Studio
Too His Mothers House
Too See A Movie
For A Ride In His New Car
Too School
10. Whats Eminem's favorite Drink?
Coca Cola
Mountain Dew

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