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Ulysses S. Grant was born of Jesse and Hannah Grant on April 27, 1822. His birthplace was in the rural town of Point Pleasant, Ohio. At the time, Ohio was on the frontier of the United States. Life was very stressing, most people had little or no education, and very few people lived past the age of 40. Ulysses was fortunate to have a father who had already climbed past having less than nothing to nearing the top of the social class in the West by the time Grant was born

Sorry about that trying to fill up space so yah take this quiz see how much you know about pokemon have fun and good luck. btw.. i like cheese muffins and waffles.. especially belgian 1s

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1. How many episodes of Pokemon(no specials) have not been aired in the U.S.?
2. Which of the following is a move tha Ash's Bulbasaur uses that Bulbasuar can't actually learn?
Stun Spore
3. What inference does Jessie make about a former movie when she see's Maylene's Lucario?
She shows it a Regirock Card.
She holds Ash'a Pikachu in front of it.
She shows it a Mew painting.
She offers it a bar of chocolate.
4. Which of the following Legendary Pokemon does not appear in a movie(not including Sinnoh legends)?
5. What is Pikachu's favorite food?
Brock's cooking
Pokemon Food
6. What is one remarkable feat that Ash made that is never shown in the U.S.?
He traveled to the future.
He captured 30 Tauros.
He captured Articuno, but gave it to Todd Snapp.
He defeated all of the Johto legendaries with just Pikachu and Noctowl.
7. What company would 4Kids have been sued by if Todd Snapp's name had remained as just Snap?
Pokemon Company
Pepperidge Farm
8. In the Pokemon Legaue entrance exam, which of the following Pokemon does Ash not use?
9. Who is Giovanni's "armored Pokemon" that defeats Gary?
10. How did Pikachu learn Volt Tackle?
It learned it by leveling up.
It learned it by breeding.
It learned it by accident.
It learned it after eveolving from Pichu.
11. Crabhammer first appeared in what Pokemon Game?
Pokemon Red
Pokemon Gold
Pokemon Ruby
Pokemon Silver

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