The Next Level(ages 10 and up)

there are many crazy,smart,stupid idiotic,etc.that want to take my quiz.that is so ausome and cool and ilove that.this thing ask words that mean the same as the word i picked is so cool.and i would absolutely 100 percent love it if you would take it. for

i,personally rate this quiz abolutely,100 percent for residents ages 10 an older.No younger children under 10 are allowed to take my quiz.if you do you must have an adult.i hope everyone ages 10 and older enjoys my ausome quiz.bye people.

Created by: Haley
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1. which word has the meaning that is closest to the word "shocking"?
electric eels(when u dont get shocked by them)
plugged up wires(if you touch them,that is)
your 9 year old sister or brother saying they saw a ghost.
2. what means the same as the word "graceful"?
a beautiful swan floating in a pond
a pretty bird tweeting.
having a baby
pooping birds
3. which is the star of the movie "Twilight".
Victoria Justice
Kristen Stewart
Robert Pattenson
Tayler Launther
4. what is brainsurgery.
surgery on someones brain.
a type of disease
a pony
the lochness monster
5. do you have any clue what a perv. is.
no,i'm not old enough to.
yeah,of course i do,who doesn't know what that means
6. what age should. you know what a'll tell you at the end of the quiz.First,tell me how old you are.
6-under 10
7. if you are under 10,u should not be on this quiz,right.
8. what is the main name of this quiz.
The next level
the next
level 2
1 level
none of the above
9. what does frazzled mean?
10. is this quiz stupid
11. am i bothering you with these questions.

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