The New Negro Movement

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So what did you and I both learn today? Well you got to broaden your knownedge in U.S History, specifically in the 'New Negro Movement' and I learned that making a quiz for a website is a lot more time consuming than what I previously expected.

So are you truely an expert on the Harlem Renaissance? No, but hey neither are we. There is an unforgiving amount of information on this subject and more to be discovered but it's all worth it because the artistic abilities of all the major figures is truely amazing and I would love to learn some more.

Created by: Ideana of The Harlem Renaissance
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1. What was the name of the one of the most influencial photographers during this era?
Palmer Hayden
Langston Hughes
James Van Der Zee
Fredi Washington
2. What was a popular type of dance?
The Cowlegs
The Snakehips
Runnin' Crazy
Ants in my Pants
3. What was "Their Eyes Were Watching God"?
A novel
A play
A sculptor
A song
4. The two most popular genres of music were?
Jazz and Rhythm
Ragtime and Dixieland
Opera and Rap
Jazz and Blues
5. Who was one of the persistent civil rights activists?
Aunt Jemima
Oscar Micheaux
Marcus Garvey
Paul Robeson
6. She was a spotlight stealing actress who appeared white but was actually black. What was her name?
Evelyn Preer
Fredi Washington
Louise Beavers
Zora Hurston
7. Who wrote the poem "The Negro Speaks of Rivers"?
Zora Neale Hurston
Augusta Savage
William H. Johnson
Langston Hughes
8. Who painted Fetish and Flowers?
Palmer Hayden
Aaron Douglas
Frederick Douglas
W.E.B. Du Bois
9. What was probably one huge factor the led to the occurence of The Harlem Renaissance?
Birth Rate increase
More jobs
The Great Migration
The invention of Coke
10. What were Nickelodeons?
A television channel
The first movie theaters
Motion picture cameras
The style of paintbrush

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