ThE iMpOsSiBlE rAnDuMbO tEsT

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Since you were a little boy/girl/other, were you cruelly opressed? Did your parents beat you with wrapping paper tubes and call you a dunderhead? Were you forced to sleep under a blanket that didn't match your curtains? Did the dog steal your toys and the cat get hair all over your clothes? Did your brother throw moist towelettes at you, and your sister made you watch the shopping channel for 7 hours straight? Did you sit there in your footsie pajamas and think, "If only I could get away from it all!" If so, your solution lies in this quiz!!

I am offering you a truely great offer. My offer is to offer you to come join me in my lovely pandemonious emporium. Have you always dreamed of rabid unicorns gazing in your yard? Granite statues of pickles in the bathroom? Or a robot that delivers you juice boxes 24/7? How about a whole guarded armory- just for your underwear? Well I ofer you to come to my stupendous mansion-o-fun where imagination and wierdness flow like my diarrhea after drinking a McDonalds Frappe!! You can serve me, stay in my house and get paid an excelent salary!! Live the unique, fun, wonderous life you've always dreamed of! Just take my quiz to see if your wierdness qualifies!!!

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  1. This is a- hey, this is a one- HEY!! I'M TALKING YOU W*TH P*STE MORON!!! Anyway, this quiz is a one riGHT ANSER QWIZ. DO You th1nk y0u h@v3 wut 1t t@k3$ to finush?>???!!!11
  2. I've got a pizz@ cruMB in my eye!!!!!
  3. So, you got this farr..POP QUIZ!!!! what do you make of the word speedofart???
  4. What is the square root of 1045.310 divided by the fifth didget of Einstien's 16th equasion?
  5. "I have noot yet begun to _____"
  6. What's your mother's name?
  7. Wh@t'$ y0ur f@v0r1t3 $ch00l $ubj3ct?
  8. cn y rd ths sly r nt cz prbbly cn't
  9. What's your favorite color?
  10. I am awesome and you are _____
  11. Are you enjoying this so far? [Effects your scoar]
  12. d03$ 1t @nn0y y0u wh3n 1 t@lk l1k3 th1$?? `
  13. What is the commie-spankin', cotton pickin' best word for poop??
  14. Do you (you read this you lose) wear designer bloomers?
  15. What city do you live in??
  16. How do you like your toots?
  17. Arr, what be yer poopin' type, matey?
  18. What pretty shape will yu select? This determines your fate...and your FABRIC SOFTENER...meh heh heh
  19. Is this quiz over yet??? I'm hungry...and I have to pee, mommy!
  20. True or false: This is questio number 19!
  21. What of these items do you put in your eye??
  22. Hiya!!
  23. What do you do when someone cuts you in line?
  24. Pick a number
  25. Well, this is the last question...
  26. Just kidding, suckers
  27. Thanks for taking le quiz!!! I'll be making a second one!! Will you take it??

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