The Hurricane/ Tree Theory

I have this theory that people are either trees or they are hurricanes. The world needs both. Hurricanes are slightly unpredictable, while trees are more grounded.

Which one are you? Are you a tree or a hurricane? Do you think things through or do you throw caution to the wind? Take this quiz and find out which one you are.

Created by: LizTailor of Nerd in the City
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3. You are running late for a doctor's appointment. You:
Blow it off and get a manicure instead.
Call and let them know you are running late.
Do your best to get there as fast as you can.
Get the receptionist a gift to make up for it.
4. A friend of yours just got dumped. You:
Drop whatever you're doing and bring over ice cream and a non romantic comedy.
Call and offer support.
Make plans to let them know you are there for them.
Take your friend out for a night on the town. Who needs relationships anyways!!
5. While walking to the store, you witness a mugging. How do you respond?
Jump in and stop them.
Call the police.
Scream from a safe distance in an effort to distract the mugger.]
Walk on by.
6. In a group setting you tend to:
Be the leader of the pack.
Be just one of the many,
Shrink into the crowd.
I don't like groups.
7. Your job is offering you a 401K plan. There's a lot of paperwork to fill out. You:
Diligently research your options then attack that paperwork like a spider monkey!
Throw it away. Too many pages!
Get overwhelmed and ask for help.
Decide you don't need the extra money anyways.
8. While traveling in Europe, you lose your passport. You:
Immediately panic. How will you ever get home?
Become friends with a nice French family who offers to help you out.
Head straight to the consulate and get it taken care of.
Extend your trip and make the best of it.
9. You just got engaged. What's the next step?
So, so, so much planning to do. Let's get started right now.
Hire a wedding planner to get started on this.
Are you kidding? We could have this wedding tomorrow if we wanted!
We're eloping.
10. Back in school, you:
Were a straight A student.
Flunked geometry.
Dropped out.
Did your best, but didn't love school.
11. You are out shopping and you see a sale sign. You:
Decide if it's in your budget.
Drop everything and hit that sale hard.
Know you don't have the money, but charge it anyway.
Walk on by.
12. Your room currently looks like:
A West Elm catalog.
A Pottery Barn catalog.
An Anthropologie catalog.
The Wreck of the Hesperus. I can't see my floor anymore!
13. When picking out a new book at the book store, you:
Head straight to the self-help section. You can always improve on something.
Head straight for non-fiction. You love the past.
Head straight for Romance. Cause you really don't have any in your life.
Head straight for a new fiction novel.

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