The Gret Quizz of Medievale Trivia

Many knowe the basic facts about the middel ages, but how many knowe the smal bits of lore and trivia? How many knowe the straunge thinges and the particuler? The devil, thei saye, ys in the detailes, but peraventure divinitee ys also in them.

So step up and see what ye knowe of the middel ages. This is no litel quiz that shal ask yow of magna carta; nay, ich am droppinge sum hevy knowlech heere. See how deep yower grasp of lore, policye, and history shal goon! (Yet, to be fayre, this covereth nat the whole entiretee of the middel ages, but rathir what ich knowe, so yt is muchel biasid).

Created by: Geoffrey Chaucer of Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog
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1. Who ys the mate of Chichevache?
2. Which of thes poets is seyd to haue invented the sestina?
Arnaut Daniel
Jaufre Rudel
Marie de France
3. Oon of thes kiddes ys doing hys owene thing -- which oon doth nat belong in this group?
Jacques le Goff
Georges Duby
Marc Bloch
Charles Muscatine
4. Seynt Bonaventure ys known yn Latin as...?
Doctor Communis
Doctor Mellifluus
Doctor Subtilis
Doctor Seraphicus
5. In the writinges of the late XIth centurie, what do "the precious martyres Albinus and Rufinus" signifien?
Wisdam and Loue
Sylver and Goold
The partes of generacioun of man and woman
Europe and Asia
6. Yn the Romance of Aeneas, Aeneas is accusid of nat liking "rabbit fur" - what doth thys signifie?
He doth nat hunt
He weareth but simple clothyng
He doth nat wisshe to swyve women
He eateth only fisshe and vegetables
7. Who ys the animal hero of the Roman de Fauvel?
a cokke (or rooster)
a fox
a horse
a donkeye
8. Oon of thes kiddes ys also doing hys owene thing -- which oon doth nat belong yn thys group?
Alan of Lille
Bernard Silvestris
Bernard of Clairvaux
Thierry of Chartres
9. Who was in a dreme accusid by God of being "a Ciceronian, nat a Christian"?
Seynt Augustin
Seynt Jerome
Seynt Thomas Aquinas
10. Which of thes cam first?
The Provisions of Oxford
The Walton Ordinances
The Assize of Clarendon
The Statute of Laborers
11. Yet ayein, mesemeth oon of thes kiddes ys doyng his owene thing - which oon doth nat belong yn this group?
Lupus of Ferriers
Gregory of Tours
Notker the Stammerer
12. Which of thes scriptes was usid the earlieste?
Square Capitals
Carolingian Miniscule
Secretary Hand
13. Yn stories, Edward III of Engelonde was spurrid by the sight of this bird to lay clayme to the throne of Fraunce...
14. According to a scholarly joke, what ys the "dirtyest" word in the Bible?
15. What ys the moost recent (of thes) printinge of the werkes of chaucer?
16. Seynt Catherine of Siena ys seyd to haue receyved a wedding ring from Ower Lord made out of...
purest goold
the foreskin of Christ
a lock of Christes hair
leathir from the shoes of Adam
17. The first "gothic" architecture appeared yn this place:
St. Denis
18. O, mesemeth oon of thes seyntez ys also doing his owene thing -- whiche oon doth nat belong in this group?
Seynt Alban
Seynt Thomas a Beckett
Seynt Edward the Confessor
Seynt George
19. To conspiracie theoristes, it ys no secret that CAIM (an oothir spelling of Cain the morderer) ys spelled out by the firste letters of...
The uncles of Richard II
The citees of the lombard league
The orders of friares
The names of the foure elementz in hebreu
20. In her booke, Margery Kempe sayeth that she did visit and speke wyth...
Brigit of Sweden
Christina the Astonyshing
Julian of Norwich
John Mandeville
21. Which of the VII liberal arts is oft represented as beatinge studentz with a rod of correcioun?

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