The Great Big Terrible Horrible Owl-Scrunching Pencey Prep Final

Are you a writer for children? A kid lit fan? A children's librarian? Then you should know your books for the younger set, right? Right? You should be up on all the "classics" and the contemporary must-reads, yes? Am I right or am I right? I'm right, right? Am I annoying you yet? Good.

We can spend all day discussing award winners, the slush, and everything in between, but I feel we should all have a certain amount of general kidlit knowledge. I bet you're on top of things. I bet books have always been your very best friend. So, take a deep breath and plunge in, Smarty. Let's see how much you know. No Googling allowed!

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1. A Wrinkle In Time-- This character is also known around town as the "dumb baby brother."
Charles Wallace
Wallace Beery
2. A Wrinkle In Time-- Meg's last name is:
3. A Wrinkle In Time-- When Calvin meets Meg's little brother, it is agreed that they are both:
4. A Wrinkle In Time-- If you shut yourself off completely from IT, ITs turkey dinner with trimmings will:
burn your mouth
have more calories
taste delicious
taste like sand
have to be eaten with your in-laws
5. Harry Potter (The Basics)-- What is the name of Harry's owl?
6. Harry Potter (The Basics)-- What is the shape of the scar on Harry's forehead?
a lightning bolt
a star
an X
a snake
a dollar sign
7. Harry Potter (The Basics)-- Who are Draco Malfoy's cronies?
Snarly and Duff
Squid and Boyle
Crabb and Goyle
Biff and Buff
Bubble and Squeak
8. Harry Potter (The Basics)-- What class does Severus Snape teach?
9. Harry Potter (The Basics)-- Who are Harry's best friends?
Dudley Dursley and Marcus Flint
Parvati and Padma Patil
Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger
Cho Chang and Draco Malfoy
Barry Cunningham and Arthur Levine
10. The Hobbit-- How many dwarves were in the company?
Too many to keep straight, frankly.
11. The Hobbit-- What did Bilbo name his sword?
Saw V
12. The Hobbit-- Which dwarf fell into the enchanted river in Mirkwood?
13. The Hobbit-- Which of the following evil creatures DID NOT attack the company?
14. The Hobbit-- Which item did Bilbo steal from Smaug's lair and show the rest of the company?
a two-handled cup
a mithril shirt
a silver sword
a golden harp
an extended DVD collection
15. The House at Pooh Corner-- Winnie The Pooh's original name was:
Winifred Bear
Edgar Bear
Edward Bear
Winslow Bear
Paddington Bear
16. The House at Pooh Corner-- Pooh and Piglet's friend Small is a:
Baby Kangaroo
Donut Hole
17. Which character in The House at Pooh Corner is NOT a stuffed animal?
All Of The Above
18. The House at Pooh Corner-- The "House at Pooh Corner" refers to:
Eeyore's house
Christopher Robin's house
Pooh's house
Rabbit's house
An outhouse
19. The House at Pooh Corner-- The original stuffed animals that inspired the stories of Pooh and friends are on display at:
The Tate Gallery in London
The Donnell Library Center in New York
The Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC
The London Library
Euro Disneyland
20. The House at Pooh Corner-- Galleons Lap is:
another name for The Hundred Acre Wood
the site of a game called "Poohsticks"
where Christopher Robin's school is located
a circle of trees at the top of the forest
the place where Pooh met Johnny Depp
21. The House at Pooh Corner-- Tigger's favorite food is:
Extract of Malt
Condensed Milk
Marshmallow Peeps
22. The House at Pooh Corner-- Which event foreshadows the ending of The House at Pooh Corner?
Eeyore falls in the river
Tigger comes to the forest
A note from Christopher Robin is found
Pooh sings a song about snow
The Disney Company buys and develops the land around The Hundred Acre Wood
23. The Princess Academy-- Miri is named for what?
linder stone
the mountain
a flower
her mother
24. The Princess Academy-- What language does Miri learn to speak?
quarry speech
linder speak
25. The Princess Academy-- What did Peder give Miri that helped her escape the bandits?
a knife
a magic ring
a scarf
a stone hawk
a Newbery honor
26. The Princess Acadmey-- What does Miri really want?
to marry the prince
to be useful to her village
to live near the sea
to raise goats and rabbits
for this quiz to be over
27. The Princess Academy-- What does Olanna think Miri steals?
a painting
a dress
a book
her leftovers from Olive Garden
28. The Lightning Thief-- Percy Jackson's father is:
The big dog, Zeus
Michael Jackson
29. The Lightning Thief-- In its inert form, Percy Jackson's secret weapon, Riptide is:
a backpack
superhero underwear
a ballpoint pen
a mythology book
30. The Lightning Thief-- What is the name of the camp where children of the Gods learn to become legendary heroes?
Camp Thunderbolt
Camp Half Blood
Camp Stowaway
Camp Olympus
Camp Disney Channel
31. The Lightning Thief-- What type of poison almost kills Percy in his battle with Luke?
Scorpion venom
Cerberus drool
Snake venom
Spider poison
Mountain Dew
32. The Lightning Thief-- Who does Percy wish to rescue from the Underworld?
Mr. D
His mother
The Underminer
33. Harry Potter (Not So Basics)-- What is the incantation needed to make things levitate?
Wingardium leviosa
Up, Up, and Away . . . vius
34. Harry Potter (Not So Basics)-- Which of these characters are centaurs?
Nagini and Padfoot
Crookshanks and Scabbers
Hermes and Norbert
Firenze and Bane
Anakin and Jar-Jar
35. Harry Potter (Not So Basics)-- What is Neville Longbottom's toad's name?
Mr. Toad
36. Harry Potter (Not So Basics)-- How does Hagrid deliver baby Harry to the Dursley's?
By broom
By flying motorcycle
By dragon
By plane, train, and automobile
37. Harry Potter (Not So Basics)-- Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Hufflepuff's first names are...?
Gary, Ruby, Sebastian and Hortence
Gordon, Rose, Severus and Helena
Godric, Rowena, Salazar and Helga
Ginny, Rena, Sheldon, Hagrid
Grayden, Rayden, Slayden, Hayden
38. The Printz Award-- The Michael L. Printz Award is given to a book that exemplifies literary excellence in:
picture book text
books written for adults that teens will enjoy
young adult literature
39. The Printz Award-- Michael L. Printz was:
a school librarian from Topeka, Kansas
the editor of first Printz winner Walter Dean Myers
a lawyer from New Jersey who fought for first amendment rights
the co-founder of BFK, an organization to provided books to low-income teens
a young adult who refused to read books meant for adults
40. The Printz Award-- The first graphic novel to be recognized as the winner of the Printz Award was:
How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff
American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang
A Step From Heaven by An Na
Postcards From No Man's Land by Aidan Chambers
The Last Angry Teenager by Art Garfunkel
41. The Printz Award-- Which statement is true?
The award may be given to a book published first in another country, as long as there is an American edition in the period of eligibility.
The award may be given to a book published first in another country, as long as the author is an American citizen.
The award may be given to an author who is a citizen of another country, as long as the book was first published in the United States.
Like the Newbery, books originally published in countries other than the United States are not eligible.
42. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz-- What color were Dorothy's shoes?
ruby red
black patent leather
43. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz-- What surrounds the Land of Oz
all of the above
44. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz-- When the Wizard left Oz, who did he leave in charge?
Princess Ozma
The Tin Man
The Cowardly Lion
The Scarecrow
45. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz-- Who rescued the Cowardly Lion when he fell asleep in the poppy field?
The Queen of the Field Mice
He didn't need rescuing because he never fell asleep
The Tin Man and the Scarecrow
46. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz-- What was the magic of the Golden Cap?
The wearer could wish him/herself anywhere
The wearer had unlimited wishes
The wearer had three wishes which the winged monkeys had to fulfill
The cap made the wearer invisible

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