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  • Knowing the exact provenance of semi-obscure quotations does not mean one does not understand the principle of separation of church and state.

    Yes the GOVERNMENT of the United States is not founded on the Christian religion, however many (not all) of the principles it was founded upon were first formulated within a specifically Protestant context (see Glorious Revolution, English Bill of Rights, but not the Test Act).

    Also most typical Americans' practical morals and assumptions (left and right) stem from Christianity (PROTESTANTISM specifically) so much so that Diarmaid MacCulloch (Google him) has noted that most Americans (Catholic, Jewish, agnostic, etc.) act like Protestants in their day-to-day lives.

    And for the record I'm technically agnostic, leaning towards atheism, but describe myself as a secular Protestant.

    dpd376 Apr 13 '15, 8:05PM
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  • The country was founded on christian principles, not religion. Equality of men and women. Honesty. Respect for the individual in beliefs as a person. Forgiveness. Equal treatment under the law. Personal responsibility.

    In point of historical fact, the Bill of Rights did NOT prohibit the STATES from a state religion. Only the national government. Until the 14th amendment a state could have a state religion and every one of the original colonies did so until well into the 1800's.

    starleysh Feb 9 '15, 5:05PM
  • 0% .....I know all the statements in this quiz are accurate but I'm not in tune with who exactly stated any of the facts presented. However I strongly agree with "Separation of Church and State".

    Stefie Sep 17 '14, 10:09PM
  • Not once did this quiz quote any founding father statements that were pro Christian or pro religion. There are MANY to choose from! This quiz is biased.

    MAC Apr 11 '13, 9:44PM
  • Wanna hear the other side?

    Check out Faith Of The Founding Fathers on You Tube.

    ADT Jul 29 '11, 9:44PM
  • Neat quiz! I thought I was pretty well versed on church-state separation but there was a lot of stuff that was new to me.

    Human secularist Nov 29 '07, 3:56PM

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