The Fabulous Joe Jonas Quiz

There are many people who consider themselves a true fan, but how many of you can make it to the Jonas Brother Knoweledge Hall of Fame? If you can get at least a 90% you'll enter the Hall of Fame. So try the quiz now to see if your a Joe Jonas King or Queen or just a Joe Jonas Fan wanna be!

Are you a true Joe Jonas Fan? Do you have what it takes to go all the way and get a perfect score? Try it out now to see if you can make it into the Hall of Fame. Email me with your score of 90% or better and you will be in the Hall of Fame. Good Luck and " Goodnight and Goodbye..."

Created by: Ashley of this site
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1. What is Joe's middle name?
2. Where was Joe born?
Hollywood, California
Casa Grande, Arizona
Teaneck, New Jersey
Dallas, Texas
3. What is Joe's favorite color?
4. What is Joe's role in the band?
He's only there because he's gorgeous!
He is the lead guitar player
He provides lead vocals and tambourine
He plays the drums
5. What is Joe's favorite holiday?
Valantine's Day
6. True or False: According to his brothers, Joe takes forever in the shower. Then he asks how he looks about four times.
7. What did Joe almost crash before he got his licence?
A boat
Kevin's car
the tour bus
a lawn mower
8. True or False: Joe's Nicknames are JJ and Danger.
9. Why did Joe need to get stitches in his head on January 5, 2008?
He jumped to early while on stage and hit his head on the piano
He hit his head on a grate backstage while making a youtube video
He hit his head while on the AMA's
Nick smacked him in the head while making a video
10. According to his mom, Joe would do what to need the firefighters to rescue him?
He's get stuck in tree's
He would get his head stuck in the railing
He would fall through thin ice
He would run away from home and get lost
11. If Joe could be any animal what would he be?
A gorilla
A lion
A bear
A goat
12. If Joe could be any animal what would he be?
A gorilla
A lion
A bear
A goat
13. If Joe could be any animal what would he be?
A gorilla
A lion
A bear
A goat
14. What was Joe's most ridiculous New Year's resolution.
To give up singing
To talk to animals
To live on mars
To become a fish
15. Did Joe ever do Broadway shows?
16. If Joe could trade his brothers, Nick and Kevin, for other celebrities who would he replace them with?
Shakira and Beyonce
Johnny Depp and Jessica Alba
Johnny Depp and Jim Carrey
Shakira and Emma Watson
17. If Joe was president for a day what would he do?
Make cotton candy tree's
Make chocolate covered microphones
Take over as a dictator
Meet all of his celebrity crushes and make it legal to marry all of them at once
18. What was Joe's favorite tv show as a kid?
Duck tales
Mr. Roger's Neighboorhood
Blue's Clues
19. Does Joe sometimes wear glasses?
20. What was Joe's favorite Halloween Costume when he was younger?
A Martian/Alien
A cowboy
A Mummy
A powerranger
21. Joe and his brothers used to eat quarters for competition. How much did Joe eat?
22. What did Joe want to do before he started singing?
He never wanted to do anything else
He wanted to be a minister, like his father
He wanted to be a comedian
He wanted to work as a forest ranger
23. Joe said he had a imaginary friend who always got him into trouble, what was the name of his imaginary friend?
24. True or False: Joe steals things from Kevin's and Nick's closet when he gets ready to go somewhere.
25. True or False: Joe once stabbed Kevin in the leg with a pencil when Kevin was leaving for school.

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