The Degrassi Episodes Quiz

Degrassi: The Next Generation (or simply called "Degrassi") is a show on TeenNick about teenagers who go through real teen issues. Now currently on its second half of the 10th season, this show has a lot of episodes.

Do YOU know most of the episodes names when certain stuff happened? Well take this quiz to find out! By the way, there will be some easy questions, but there will be hard ones...anyways, enjoy!!

Created by: Maya Rae

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  1. Toby and JT watch p--- on the computer
  2. Derek calls Jimmy a cripple
  3. Mia and Holly J's debate about foreign adoption
  4. Ellie and Sean become a couple
  5. Fiona and Riley start dating
  6. Marco and Dylan's first break up
  7. JT meets Mia
  8. Darcy's first appearance
  9. Spinner's drastic haircut from long and curly to very moppy-like
  10. Holly J and Declan's second time having sex
  11. Manny's first date with Craig
  12. Sean has a sushi dinner at Emma's house with her family
  13. Alli and Clare find a vibrator in Mr. Simpson's room
  14. Alex punches Amy
  15. Eli puts something in Fitz's drink that made him barf
  16. Craig's dad dies
  17. Leia and Danny's first kiss
  18. Hazel's last appearance
  19. Toby screws up Jimmy's math grade
  20. Paige comes to school with a "mullet"
  21. Jay steals Manny's engagement ring from a pawn shop
  22. Rick leaves roses for Terri
  23. Peter's dad accidently buys him a bass instead of a guitar
  24. Dave develops a crush on Jenna
  25. Spinner moons a crowd
  26. Damien cheats on Emma with Liberty
  27. JT, Toby, Liberty, and Spinner are all involved in a potato chip contest
  28. At a party, Spike notices that the male stripper chef looks just like Snake
  29. Holly J reveals her love for Spinner
  30. Ashley turns Goth

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