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There are many Coraline fans. It is an excellent movie, and book, after all. But there are few 'super fans'. What is a super fan? A super fan is someone who can quote Coraline effortlessly, someone who can remember almost all the dialog from the movie and book.

Are YOU a super fan? Do you have the skills and memory to make it through this complex and humorous quiz? Until know, you could only wonder about where you stood in the line of Coraline fans. But thanks to me, you can now find out in just a few minutes! Then you can finally answer the question..."Am I a SUPER FAN?"

Created by: Caleb of Coraline2
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Which came first: the Coraline book, or the Coraline movie?
The book, duh.
The movie, obviously.
4. Who is Coraline's best friend in the book?
Wybie, of course.
The cat...when it can talk.
Her 'little me' doll
She doesn't have one.
I haven't read the I don't know!
I'm subborn and don't want to answer.
5. What color is Coraline's hair NORMALLY?
Blue (If you thought this was the answer, you may want to re-read the question)
Red...she's half Irish.
6. How old is Coraline, at the time her adventure happened?
7. Do Coraline's real parents love her?
No, you can tell by the way they ignore her.
No, she's too bratty to love.
I'm not sure. They ignore her...but she is their daughter.
Yes! She came from them, after all.
Yes, because she's too awesome not to love!
Yes, even though they are tired and often forget to pay attention to her, they do love her.
8. What do you think of this website?
Hate it.
Dislike it.
I don't love it, but I don't hate it.
Like it.
Love it.
What is this question doing in the middle of a quiz about Coraline?!
9. When is Coraline's birthday?
No one knows...
I forgot... :(
10. Do the dogs in the movie, who are in the theatre with Spink and Forcible, talk?
No, not in the movie.
I'm not sure...
Yes, I think so.
Yes, I'm sure they do!
They do in the book...
11. Where was Coraline when she had her adventure?
In America.
In England.
In Michigan, USA.
In Pontiak, Michigan, USA.
It's never told.
12. What is the apartment where Coraline and her family moved into called?
The Purple Place
The Pink Place
The House of the Evil Witch Lady
The Haunted House
The Pink Palace
The Ice Palace
13. Who wrote the Coraline book?
Neil Grantham
Nathan Grail
Neil Gaiman.
Gail Nerman
Grail Nathan
14. How many times have you watched Coraline the movie?
Three times.
Four times or more.
I own it! So thousands of times!
15. How many times have you read the book Coraline?
....Never :(
One time
Three times
I own it! So I can read it whenever I want!
I want to buy it...but I haven't read it at all yet.
16. Have you ever been so excited about Coraline that you talked about it for days?
Well, maybe not DAYS, but sure.
Yes, of course!
17. Have you ever met the author of Coraline, whose name is Neil Gaiman, in person?
Of course not. He's famous!
I want to, but no.
Not yet, but I will soon.
Yes, once! It was amazing!
Multiple times!
We're best friends!
18. Have you ever considered naming one of your kids after a character in Coraline?
Haven't thought about it, but it sounds weird.
Now I have! Great idea!
Yes, I've thought about it.
I have a child named after a character!
Oh yeah! I have more than one kid named after a character! :D
19. Does the black cat always know about Coraline being in danger, or does he start to help once he meets her in the Other World?
He always knew about the danger...
He helped her in both worlds.
He assisted her in the Other world, but since he can't talk in the normal world...
He can only be intelligent in the Other World.
20. Remember the opening scene of the Coraline movie, where the Coraline doll is made? Well, who made the Coraline-doll look like Coraline?
No one, that scene was just there for effect.
The Other Mother, obviously.
Wybie's grandma.
It came that way.
The Other Father.
Mrs. Forcible
21. Remember that 'crazy' and 'drunk' old man who lives in the top flat of the Pink Palace apartments? What is his name?
Mr. B
Mr. Bobinsky
Mr. Bobo
All of the above.
None of the above.
Who cares? I want this quiz to end now!
22. What is Coraline's last name?
Smith, Coraline Smith. Yep. I'm going with this.
23. What are some of the made-up words that Coraline uses?
All of the above.
None of the above.
All of the below.
24. What do Coraline's friends call her?
Cora Woman
Witch Killer
25. What kind of footwear does Coraline really like?
Socks with sandals. (Eww)
Tennis Shoes
26. Why was the Coraline story made?
To show the importance of keeping keys away from children.
To warn people of Other Mothers.
To inform people that cats can speak in other dimensions.
To make money.
To entertain people with a story of a brave underdog overcoming an evil witch.
To show the relationship between a girl and her parents, and what brings them together.
27. What is your favorite part of Coraline's story?
The beginning, when she finds the well.
When she meets the cat in the Other World
When she defeats the Beldam.
When she is missing her parents.
When she goes into town shopping for clothes.
Some other part..
28. Coraline's parents write about gardening for a living...but what do they hate?
All of the above
29. Who directed the Coraline movie?
Neil Gaiman
Steven Speilberg
Tim Burton
No one directed's filmed as it actually happened! :o
James Kirk-Patrick
Henry Selick
30. What does Coraline's dad call her?
Dizzy Dreamer
Fuss Pot
Twitchy Witchy Girl
All of the above
None of the above
31. What is Coraline's nickname for her friend (who was included only in the movie, not the book.)
32. Why does Mr. B look so weird?
He eats a lot of beets. A freaking huge amount of beets.
Baby, he was boooorn this way!
He had a freak accident.
He helped clean up nuclear chemicals.
I don't know/Don't care.
He dyed Michael Jackson did. (MJ DID NOT DYE HIS SKIN! HE HAD A DISEASE, OK?!)
33. If you saw a little door in your own house, just like the one in Coraline's...what would you do?
Run away screaming!
Tell your parent(s)
Pretend like it wasn't there.
Go in, ready for an adventure!
Lock it and hide the key. (Preferably in a well)
I wouldn't find a door...Coraline is a fictional story.

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