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Converse! Converse is a brand of shoe. This is not only a brand of shoe, but something more.. This shoe have been used by many people and are well known. Kurt Cubain was wearing a pair when he died. These shoes have been used in plenty of movies. How much do you know about this wounderful shoe?

There are many kinds of geniuses, but are YOU a Converse-Genius? Do YOU have the brainpower to qualify for the best grade to get? Take the test here.

Created by: Marie Short
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1. Who started the Converse Rubber Corporation?
Julius Erving
Marquis Converse
Chuck Taylor
Akron Firestones
2. When was the first basketball shoe made?
3. What was the name of this shoe?
Sailor Jerry
All Star
Skid Grip
4. Who was Chuck Taylor?
A baseball player, who loved Converse.
A man who worked for Converse.
A basketball player who supported Converse.
A guy who was against Converse.
5. What is Converse's logo?
A star
Just the text; Converse
A star and the text; Converse
Chuck Taylors autograph
6. What is so special with the new Converse named; Kurt Cobain?
Kurt Cobain died in them.
Kurt Cobain used them.
Kurt Cobain signed them.
Kurt Cobain designed them.
7. What happend to Converse Rubber Corporation in 2001?
Marquis Converse died.
Marquis Converse was fired.
They sold the corporation.
They filed bankruptcy.
8. Who bought Converse after the bankruptcy?
New Balance
9. How much did Nike pay for Converse?
$600 million
$6 000 million
$300 million
$3 000 million
10. What did Nike do to Converse?
They made new shoes, with the Nike logo.
They kept the Chuck Taylor look and retroed older models.
They made some new shoes and retroed some models
They made new shoes, with the Converse Logo

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