What kind of shoe brand are you?

There are tons of shoes i didnt name. Sorry.Well you can tell what a person acts likes personality or anything by doing something oh so simple. LOOK AT THEIR SHOES(:normal shoes?expensive shoes?cheap shoes? they got it all.:DD

What shoe brand are you?Are you rich?Normal?Cheap?You had no idea until you took this test.You wonder well now you dont have to.This test will tell you what kind of shoe brand you are(: great huh? and just in a few minutes you'll figure out.

Created by: kelly
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What do you do when your bored?
Go shopping.I try to cram in shopping anytime I can i dont care about price.BUYBUYBUY.!
Watch TV go on the comp movies maybe.Some affordable but not too cheap.
Help my parents whenever I can to earn money.
Go complain and b---- about it.
4. How would you describe your dream person?(your perfect lover)
Its about the personality.Loving,caring and not complaining too much.Willing to help me work for money maybe if my fam really needs it.Willing to spend NO MONEY ON ME. Give me nothing at all because I'm too busy trying to earn money to care.
RICHRICHRICHRICHRICHRICH good looking FORSURE.Willing to spend most or all of his money on me.
Good looking,chill personality fun to be with normal middle class person like me.Willing to spend like $2 -$25 for a present.
brown hair,blue eyes, warm personality kindA rich not really.
none of the above.
5. Describe yourself. chose best one that represents you. BE HONEST.!
Doesn't work hard really.BARELY helps and complains over nothing really.always wanting to go shopping.
works normal amount.slacks off at times.
works whenever possible doesnt really care about clothes,shoes just apreciative for a house NE VER and i mean never complains.
6. Do you get mad easily?
I barely get mad(:
grr im mad right now.ALWAYSV MAD.
never been happy before in my life.
what is mad? Happy Happy Happy.
7. Do you like to go shopping?(it doesnt matter if you don't alot just in general do you like to go shopping)
yes but i need money when I'm broke.
shopping? screw that.
ehhh.sometimes only once in a while.
8. Whats your favorite out of these answers??
gold bracelet
engraved necklace that says I love you.
dimond ring
9. Do you think this test is fair? (I made it and i dont think its fair)
kind of.
10. How many times do you usually go shopping in 4 months?
0 times.
5-9 times
20-30 times
11. Do you like to sing?
yea but not in front of people
yea im a performer(:
no not at all.
is that something you do when youre happy?
12. Do you call yourself regular? With regular house regular clothes regular moneyy.
yea just a normal person:DD
i never thought about it.
iim a little cheap.
i think im RICH duh.!
13. Are you listening to music right now?
yea the rich people music(:
do you have to pay for that?
14. Should i make another quiz?
nahh you suck dick
mm.whatever you want.
i dont care.
if you have a good idea for your next quiz.
15. Do you have a blog?if so what kind?
none of the above.
dont have one.
16. What kind of room do you have?
normal room.bed no paint (well maybe paint)typical normal stuff.my phone.
pictures of me everywhere money everywhere BIG bed BIG TV the newest comp and the newest phone.
its just a place i sleep i dont see any reason decorating it.
none of the answers.
I share a room so yeaa.
17. Do you like the colors brown and black?
brown=poop black=emo
black ok brown not so much
yeaa theyre OK colors
i love those colors
brown is ok black is ;p
none of the above
18. Why are you taking this survey?
cause I'm banned from shopping right now.
cause i take quizzes when im bored.
its just a thing i do.
19. Which TV show do you like the best?
Exiled/My Sweet 16
America's Best Dance Crew
I dont watch TV that much
I dont know any of the shows listed.
20. LAST QUESTION***try hard.!Which of these items do you need the most?
toothbrush/any cosmetic like blowdryer
i can live without any of these items
my clothes/makeup/mini hair straightener

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