The Awakening Quiz

There are many people who have read the book "The Awakening." However, there are very few people who can call themselves true masters of the piece. Are you one of them?

This quiz allows you to test your knowledge on "The Awakening." Will you succeeded and answer every question correctly, or will you find that you have room for improvement? There's only one way to find out!

Created by: Shadman of Cordero Awakening 2010
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1. Why is Mademoiselle Reisz disliked by almost everyone?
She endorses Edna and Robert's affair.
She lacks fashion sense.
She lives in a shabby apartment.
She gives her true opinions instead of being polite.
2. Which of the following is an important symbol in The Awakening?
3. What is the name of the island that the Pontelliers and some other wealthy Creole families vacation in the summer?
Grand Isle
L'isle de Peru
4. What does Edna express as her reason for keeping her private matters to herself? (c.)
Because she has very dark, deep secrets that she doesn't want revealed.
Her willingness to conform to the expected role of women.
Because she lives a dual life; one that conforms, while the other questions.
Her desire to be a well respected woman in society.
5. Where was Edna's childhood home?
Grand Isle
New Orleans
6. What confuses Edna about Adele and the Creole culture?
Their language
The things that they find entertaining
Their open expression of affection
None of the above
7. What does Adele warn Robert about Edna?
That she has a history of being bad tempered.
That she might take Robert's attention too seriously.
That she doesn't truly love him.
That he should stay away from her because Adele is jealous of the attention.
8. Who is Robert's wayward brother?
The Doctor
Mr. Gouvernail
Leonce Pontellier
9. What does Leonce send back to Edna while he is on his week-long business trip in New Orleans?
A new Hat
A Bird
10. What does Mademoiselle Reisz tell Edna after she finishes playing the piano for the dinner party?
That she was looking beautiful.
That she dislikes her greatly.
That Edna is the only one who is worthy of her music
That Edna should free herself from the constraints of fulfilling the role of a woman in society.

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