The Archers; The only way is Ambridge quiz

The Archers, an everyday story of country folk, is the world's longest running soap opera. It is available on BBC Radio 4 and online. The only way is Ambridge.

How Ambridge are you? The inhabitants of Ambridge have many unique customs and habits. Do you know the correct bonfire night protocol? It's time to find out.

Created by: The Geek
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3. You have been selected for astronaut training. You fly by helicopter to a secret Soviet base just off the Borcetshire bypass. On your arrival in the centrifuge room you are greeted by Jill and Auntie Christine. What do you say?
Nothing. You just stare open mouthed.
Hello, you two.
What on earth are you doing here?
Oh! What's occurring?
4. Auntie Christine says hello and immediately makes her excuses and leaves. Jill reminds you that it is the birthday of a distant cousin soon. What do you do?
Send a text
Send a card
Hand deliver a card
5. You go to the Village Community Shop to buy the card. It costs £2.49. How do you pay?
Contactless card
Either with a £5 note or with the exact amount counted out
6. It's Sunday. You arrive at Brookfield to give Ben his birthday card. Through the window you can see that the family have just sat down to lunch. What are they having?
A lovely roast of Brookfield Hereford beef
A lovely roast of Hassett Hills spring lamb
A lovely roast of Tom Archer organic pork
A lovely roast of Home Farm venison
7. Who rampaged through Mrs Noakes's garden?
Lord Voldemort
8. Eddie's mate Fat Paul was briefly and mysteriously renamed what?
Big boned Paul
Paul Blocker
Paul Correctness
Paul the other one
Slim Paul
9. It is quiz night. Jim is quiz master. Not only are all the questions about ancient Rome but they are all asked in Latin. What do you do?
Answer in Latin
Sniff loudly
Threaten him with a slapping and have to be dragged from the Vic, er Bull, amid cries of, 'leave it, 'e ain't werf it'
Drink your pint and just accept that some things can't be explained
10. You are Tom. You need a large amount of cash because you've shagged the supermarket buyer / fallen out with Tony / overreached yourself again / set up an implausible business venture / fancy a huge wedding etc. How long is it before Peggy bails you out?
Same day
Same week
Same month
Same year
The cash is mine it just depends on how long it takes to go and ask
11. You are on the Village Green. It's bonfire night. Little Georgie is playing with a lit sparkler. Sabrina is reprising her plinthtastic pilates performance. Will and Ed are fighting. Lillian is offering you a G&T. What do you do?
Take the sparkler off of Little Georgie
Watch Sabrina
Break up the fight
Accept the drink
Check the bonfire for hedgehogs
12. Who has an identical twin?
13. You have only recently arrived in Ambridge. You have never played cricket before. Shula invites you to participate in the single wicket competition. What are your chances of winning?
Well, I'm quite sporty. Never say never
fifty fifty
Is there someone that needs to get one up on a partner or family member?
14. Who is the best character in The Archers? It's not a trick question. There is only one right answer. Correspondence will not be entered into.
Molly Button
15. Which of the following was uttered by Tony?
Only when it suits you, dear
Right. I'm off to flail me spuds
Oh, Brian. I'm related to a Horrobin
As you were, pigs

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