Thanksgiving Trivia Quiz

Thanksgiving is a fun holiday to celebrate everything that we have to be thankful for in life. But how much Thanksgiving trivia do you actually know? Time to talk turkey!

Test yourself with this fun Thanksgiving fact quiz to see how much you actually know about the history of this holiday, Tom Turkey, and the pilgrims! Then you can surprise everyone at Thanksgiving dinner with you knowledge!

Created by: Vanessa
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1. Why are turkeys called turkeys?
Columbus thought the land he discovered was connected to India which had a large population of peacocks. Columbus thought turkeys were part of the peacock family. He decided to call them tuka, which is the word for peacock in the language of India.
The name turkey came from Native Americans who called the birds firkee, which sounds like turkey.
Turkey name came from the sound turkeys make when they are afraid - "turk, turk, turk."
All of the above
2. What was the Mayflower before the Plgrims sailed on it?
A slave galley
A government ship
A merchant ship
3. Who was the Captain of the Mayflower?
Captain Crunch
Captain John Smith
Captain Boomerang
Captain Cristopher Jones
No one knows
4. What president set aside the last Thursday in November as Thanksgiving?
President Theodore Rosevelt
President Abraham Lincoln
President George Washington
hmmm, I thought that it was the pilgrims
It wasn't a president it was Ben Franklin!
5. What is the largest type of turkey?
Big Bird!!!
The Mexican Turkey
Bronze Turkey
The Ocellated Turkey
6. In 2005 how many pounds of turkey did the average American eat?
16.7 lbs.
20 lbs.
9.8 lbs.
50 lbs!
I don't know!
7. The heaviest turkey ever raised was...
100 lbs.
No one knows, he broke the scale
why would anyone weigh a turkey?
8. What are male and female turkeys called?
Bob and Jen
Tom and Hen
Jerry and Chick
Phil and Liz
I have no clue...
9. How many lbs. of turkey are eaten in the United States every Thanksgiving?
I don't know
4,000,000 lbs.
675,000,000 lbs!!!
Wait a minute, don't we eat chicken on Thanksgiving?
10. When did the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade begin?
It was around even before Macy's
It began in the 1920s
It started in the 1930s
Macys started it in the 1940s
I don't know
11. Which state consumes the most turkey out of the whole country?
New York
Other state
12. How can you tell a good cranberry from a bad cranberry?
A good cranberry will bounce and float and a bad one won't
A bad cranberry won't smell good
A good cranberry has lots of juice and a bad one dosn't
Ripe cranberrys are firm while un-ripe cranberrys are hard
13. What was the name of the indian chief whose tribe helped the pilgrims and also celebrated the first Thanksgiving?
Bear Foot
I'm not sure
14. What indian tribe helped the pilgrims?
The Mohawks
The Wampanoag
The Agonquin
The Aztecs
The Lanape
15. What is the US pumpkin-production world record and which state holds it?
520 million pounds held by Ohio
300 million pounds beld by Pennsylvania
457 million pounds of pumpkins held by Illinois
345 million pounds held by California
498 million pounds held by Ontario
I don't know!

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