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Just a quiz for TEKKEN fans to test how will you know and love the TEKKEN series! and please give it your honest shot and don't cheat! as that will ruin your experience!

If you get an average score of 83% and more you are a hardcore fan, while a score of 50% will make you just a casual TEKKEN fan.. anything less than a score of 50% will make a NONE TEKKEN fan, after that you must go and play Street Fighter as your main fighting game and leave TEKKEN forever!!

Created by: Wael

  1. Tekken 1 was released in what year? (Arcade system)
  2. What are the mishimas fighting style?
  3. What is the name of Nina and Anna's father?
  4. What is the only TEKKEN game that had 2 mini games? (Like Tekken ball, bowling, force etc)
  5. What is Ganryu's resturant called?
  6. Which TEKKEN game had a mode called ''Devil within''?
  7. Devil Jin was a playable character in which Tekken first?
  8. In which TEKKEN game ''Bound'' move was introduced?Te
  9. Which TEKKEN game Kazuya Mishima was not in? (from the list)
  10. Who is Wang Jinrei best friend?

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