strings of destinay part one

k if thing doesn't kick me off again here we go this is a story where you are the main character,k got it?weird things begin to happen your parents freak out,and u start falling for people that are out of this world literally u also may see some manga *graphic novels*naruto, kingdom hearts etc characters so have fun

*so i just have to keep going?(grumbles) sorry this site keeps kicking me off(grumbles some more)but back to the passage i really hope this one pans out it's like my third try on a series anyway enjoy:) oh and this won't always be elemental based k cosmisstrissXriku out

Created by: ginmay
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. It's your 14th birthday all of your friends are invited.It's a slumber party with your four best friends,outhers are invited but only four spend the night Alice, Joyce,May,and Tobi your best friend in the whole world.Your planning on haveing your party where?
roller disco
4. You decide on the beach,your party starts a 6 what is the theme tonight
valcano blast
watery workout
green party
a very airey night
5. your getting ready what are u gonna wear
red bikini
blue top and jeans
green sweater and shorts
white blouse and skirt
6. at your party your enjoying yourself and this dude from school starts eyeing you what are you thinking?
go over and b**** slap that perv
think WTF
go over and confront
7. as the party's ending you see the dude again but distracted by after party duties then the guy leaves and you head to the ice cream shop what's your choice?
banana split
8. now your home everybody's cleaning up you take
hot shower
no bath at all
cool/warm bath
air dry
9. now it's time to relax waht u thinking bout do'in?
boot up utube and post like crazy
a nice disney movie w/popcorn
bord game/you win
catch up on the latest gossip
10. later u see the dude peeking through your window so since your parents r in bed *it's 11:30* you pack up some water ballones and head out what you thinking?
again!? *i'm gonna soak him extra 4 being a perve*
let's get him i'm ready
let's bi*** slap that perve
*evil laugh* slips in a extra*me r u enjoying this 2 much?*
11. you enter the house and position your troops suddenly the dude rushes you from behind and reverses your plan wetting you but as you look to see if your friends got the same welcome you see them all on their bellies unconscious
omfg i have no help now
r they ok?
this dude is freeking me out now
let me at'im
12. after you scream a few inappropriate words*kids can find this site* he places his big strong hand over your mouth hand hisses there fine now but won't be if you don't listen to me i bear a gift with a choice and if you decide to scream again he pulls out a dagger and places it to your throat
omfg help me someone
if you go to a cliffhanger i will hunt you down
girlie scream
13. yep cliffhanger
*bleep* you
i hate you!

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