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Are you in Mrs. Smith's Stats class. Were you given this assignment too? If so, you'll really want to take this quiz. Even if you don't, you'll probably have to anyway, so just click the link and get it over with.

Are you a whiz at Statistics? Now is you chance to find out. Just take the quiz and then see you results. If you get above an 80% then you are really good. If you get above a 90% then you should just go to college right now.

Created by: Peter Hynes
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1. If you have data that is skewed to the left, what measure of center would you use?
Standard Deviation
2. How would you transform a set of data by using the power function?
Graph log of x versus y
Graph x versus log of y
graph log x versus log y
graph square or x versus y
graph x versus square of y
graph square of x versus square of y
3. What is the room number for Mrs. Smith's classroom?
4. Which of these is true about bar graphs or histograms?
A bar graph can only be used for categorical data
a bar graph doesn't have spaces between the bars
Histograms include a range of data on x axis
Bar graphs not effective at displaying data
5. How can you graphically tell the strength of a regression line?
By plotting the data
Making a residual plot
Graphing the square roots of the data
Performing a transformation on the data
6. What does an r of -1 tires represent?
There is a negative correlation between tires
The data is in a straight line
tires are not popular in this area
Nothing, r can't have units
7. What is the difference between a boxplot and a modified boxplot?
Boxplots include more data
boxplots have "whiskers"
Modified boxplots are adjusted for outliers
The median is different in a modified boxplot
8. What is a common response data set?
Where one variable causes the other
Where lurking variables are present
When one hidden variable effects both of the known variables, and links the two together
One variable has as much affect as a lurking variable so we are not sure what is causing the observed behavior
9. What is a pie chart used for?
To show parts of a whole
To show different categories of data
To show the relationship of two quantitative variables
Pie charts have no purpose in life
10. What does r mean
it is the gas constant of .08206
it tells us how well a least squares regression line fits the data
to show a negative or positive correlation
both 2 and 3

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