Spanish Basic Expressions

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Bonnie Fan said:
Jun 14 '16, 12:49AM

I got 100%

But number two means "how can I serve you"
Since it wasn't there I geussed

Dawn Blue said:
May 1 '15, 2:07PM

I 30% which means I got 2 right thing is I really don't know any Spanish just tookk the quiz for fun but apparently to of the part Spanish people here the quiz is not fully accurate

Kaioshapiro said:
Apr 6 '15, 12:24PM

90% I live in Mexico XD

karhorn61 said:
Oct 13 '14, 12:25AM

#1: "Buenos dias" can mean either "good day" or "good morning;" BOTH of those answers are correct. #2: "En qu puedo servirle?" means "How can I help?" The supposed correct answer doesn't make any sense, as it's not even a complete sentence. #7 & #9: should be "Buenas," not "Buenos." The gender of the adjective should agree with the gender of the noun.

The_Lynx_4 said:
May 19 '14, 12:27AM

question number 2 is WRONG (im a native spanish-speaker)
J ust, kill that question with fire. The proper translation would be 'How can I help you?' GGGGGG

An extra piece of advice: Question 6 the word 'usted' is totally unesessary
Questio n 7 instead of 'Buenos' write 'Buenas'; same in question 9

Elliryanna said:
Mar 23 '14, 7:15PM

70% AWESOME! I know almost no Spanish, but I know a few basic things, and some of them I adapted to fit the other words.

Madame P said:
Oct 30 '13, 9:11AM

90%. En qu puedo servirle? is the one that I had trouble with. None of the answers looked right to me. In my experience it means How may I help you?, spoken by a seller asking a customer. What is the official answer?

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