Soul Reaper Specialization Quiz

You got Soul Reaper I see! Well let us see what you are best at! Will you be a great swordsman? Or really good at Kido? Or a little good at both? This quiz will determine more opportunities in the future!

Are you a sword specialist? Great with Kido? Or a little good at both? Be truthful about what you would really do, cause in the end its all about you!

Created by: AlienBroStar
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. It's your first day and you are hoping great things will happen, what are you first expecting the most?
Great studies and knowledge to be found
Possible friends and great memories
Great swordsmanship program
A path to power and high ranking
4. When you first enter class you notice your empty seat is ready for you to sit in. As soon as you sit in it the teacher pulls up a pop quiz you weren't expecting. What do you do?
Do the best you can at it
Try to cheat off others
See if there is something off about it
5. You took your pop quiz and now being taken to learn some spirit spells, the instructor tells you to recite the incantation and concentrate your power into your spell. How do you feel the power flow through you?
In my mind where I remember the incantations
In my arms as they direct my power
From my voice where words are power
It feels awkward and buzzy
Its super hot all in my body
6. Time for some sword practice! You are faced one on one against the friend you made while on this educational journey. You know that he/she likes to stay on the defensive ready to counter anything. How do you attack them?
A full on charge swinging wildly overwhelming him/her
Get behind him/her to get a strike
Try to confuse them letting their guard down
Wait it out until they strike first
Try to persuade them to let you win
Make them really mad to make them screw up
7. You had a taste of what being a soul reaper is, you are taken out to a practice patrol to take out dummy hollows. You are encountered by a flying dummy hollow, what is your first move?
Climb as high as you can and strike down the dummy hollow
Shoot it down with a spell you learned in class
Go into hiding and wait to strike with your sword
Prepare a spiritual barrier
Have a friend help you reach him or throw your friend up to the hollow
Grab a friend and create a spell together to bring the hollow down
8. While on practice patrol there was a breach and a real gigantic hollow has emerged. The higher rank soul reapers are having a hard time with him, one is attacking the hollow, another is injured, and the last one is preparing a spell. What do you do?
Attack the hollow as well
Assist the injured and heal them
Help create that spell
Distract the hollow as long as you can
Try to contact for help
Try to help everyone all at the same time
9. As you return from the patrol and dealing with the hollow, you are welcomed back with open arms and congratulations! For your bravery and efforts you are presented with three gifts, which do you choose?
A pair of heavily enchanted gloves that help improve spiritual abilities
A dagger with an engraving that says "Fight with Ferocity"
A ticket that allows you a personal lesson for one new spell and sword technique
10. It's time to take your final tests for your classes, you did well in all and have one last test...take on one of the teachers in a battle. How will you defeat your teacher?
Use everything you are taught in the exact way you were taught
Use what you are taught in a creative way only you could think of
Focus only using the most powerful spells you know
Focus using all the techinques you can with your sword only
11. After defeating your teacher, you are excited that you are going to graduate! What do you feel was most helpful to you?
The countless spells you learned and look to learn more
The techniques you learned while using your sword
All information was helpful in an equal way
12. After learning and growing so much, you notice more detail in your spiritual energy. What range of colors is it?
Black, Red, Orange
Yellow, Green, Blue
Indigo, Pink, White
Silver, Gold, Bronze

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