Somebody Special Part 3

Hi! So this is Part 3 of the series Somebody Special. If you haven't took Parts 1 & 2, please do! Just type it in google! I also put links to songs in the results, so if you want, you could check those out!

Taylor looks similar to Nick Santino, but more cuter! He has dimples, brown hair, he's tall and skinny, and he likes reading and drawing. Jerimiah is your best friend in the story. He has amazing skin, glasses that look adorable on him, and black flippy hair. He's hilarious and is an amazing singer. Dakota tends to wear his nerd glasses everywhere. He has brownish/black hair and has perfect teeth. Even if he doesn't look like it, he's really smart. & not to mention he's cute! Elijah is more of the athletic type. He has piercing blue eyes and brown hair, along with an irresistable charm. Jay is more of the musical shy type. He can play guitar and has black hair with some blonde highlights. He has dimples aswell and beautiful eyes.

Created by: Dannica

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  1. All of you continued running until you saw a cave that looked fairly safe to stay in. "If we're looking for a thing that could destroy humanity or whatever, why are we getting evaporated to these places?!" Asked Emma. "Look!" Dakota said as he pointed to another white sign and read, "Get one egg from the Tyrannasaurus Rex's nest." "Do they really think we can get an egg from a hungry T-Rex?" Jay asked in an unsure voice. "Well, that's the only way we'll get out of this place." Answered Elijah. "Where's the egg then?" You questioned. Taylor peeked out of the cave just enough so that the T-Rex that was chasing you guys couldn't see. "Over there!" Taylor called. He pointed to a big pile of twigs and leaves just straight ahead from the cave. There were 3 large eggs and the mother rex was out looking for food. "One person should go, then bring it back to the cave." Jerimiah suggested. Valentine agreed. "It would be safer."
  2. Elijah volunteered and nobody argued. He looked left and right and sprinted towards the nest. Just then you heard a voluminous roar and motioned Elijah to hurry back. The dinosaur egg looked quite heavy, so Dakota went to help him, so it would be much faster. After the T-Rex realized the boys took one of the eggs, it started running ferociously after them. "HURRY UP!" You yelled. Jay and Jerimiah went to help them out, and they jumped back into the cave. You, Emma, and Valentine put your hands on it, and you lot evaporated back to the mansion. "Oh my lord." Valentine murmered. Then, another message appeared on the tv saying, "Good job kids. We have located a clue to where the thing we want is. Pack all your personal belongings with you. You will be evaporated to Paris, France. There will be a new safe house, and you will be able to go sightseeing. Your wardrobe will be updated to your liking. We will now answer questions. You see, you can't see us, but we can hear & see you.
  3. "Why are we getting evaporated to these places?" Jerimiah asked right away. After 2 seconds or so, the tv read, "See to it as a kind of training. There is another guy that is trying to find what we're looking for aswell and he is quite dangerous..." "Why don't you guys do the job then? & what exactly are we looking for?!" You asked impatiently. "We need young youthful creatures, & you're looking for a gem; a gem with such power to destroy everything." You were about to ask another question when Valentine asked it for you. "Why us?" The tv took a while to respond to the question. But then it read, "We've been watching all of you. You all are quite different in mental and physical abilities, and if you work as a team and learn to cooperate with eachother, you'll be unstoppable." "I was kind of hoping to find out that we had powers of some sort." Jerimiah said disappointed. All of you agreed and then the tv turned off by itself.
  4. Everyone looked at eachother awkwardly. "Well...I guess we should get packing then?" Jay suggested and walked away. All of you followed suit and you slowly walked upstairs. 'I don't really have any personal belongings...' you thought. You walked in the room and saw a case for your new laptop. You packed the MacBook Air in with a smile, as it sunk in that it was yours, and you got it for free. You checked in some drawers just in case you missed some cool item and found a wad of cash; in ones. "Ohh snap." You delightfully mumbled out loud. You stuffed the money in the laptop case in the pockets and hurried downstairs. The rest of the group was already there and were all eagerly waiting to get to France. You sat down on the couch next to Jerimiah. You tried to talk to him, but he seemed to occupied trying to get Valentine's attention. You looked to the other person sitting next to you and saw that it was Emma. You never really got to know her so you tried your best. Considering you were socially awkward, it didn't work out to well. "So where are you from?" You asked her, hoping that she heard because you didn't want to say it again. "I'm from Rhode Island." She answered in a friendly tone. "That's cool." You replied, not being able to say something else to keep the conversation going.
  5. You both nodded awkwardly. Thankfully, you all evaporated to spare the awkwardness. You landed on the couch of the new safe house in Paris. You stood up immediately and peered outside to see the view. "You guys..." You muttered out amazed at the view the house had. It was night time in Paris, and you could see all the lights, the eiffel tower, and it was just gorgeous. When you were done admiring the outside of the house, you started admiring the inside. The layout was sort of like the old house, but much grander. The furniture and appliances were very high class. You looked around the downstairs portion of the house and there were doors labeled, 'GYM', 'POOL', 'GAME ROOM', and 'LIBRARY'. You hurried upstairs to claim your room, and as you reached the top of the spiral staircase, you saw 2 buttons on a pad on the wall. The first button was blue. Next to the blue button, it read, 'Stairs'. Under that button was a turquious one reading, 'Ramp'. You pressed the turquoise button out of curiousity and suddenly, the steps on the stairs went smooth, and sort of melted in the ground. "IT'S LIKE A SLIDE." You screamed out in glory. Then you realized that Elijah was walking up the stairs when you pushed the button. "Who do that?!" He yelled from the bottom of the staircase. "Sorry!" You yelled back, giggling. You waited for him to get to the top. When he saw you, he said, "I was just minding my own business walking up the stairs, then suddenly I go sliding down. How'd you do that?" Before you could answer he discovered the button and looked just as stoked as you did when you first saw it.
  6. You saw Elijah claim the room right by the stairs. You peered into one room that was right across from his, but Valentine was already in it. "Occupoto. Sorry." She said as she was combing her hair lushus red hair in the mirror. She kind of reminded you of the Little Mermaid; except for the fact that she wasn't a mermaid. 'What if she is a mermaid?' You asked yourself, now lost in thought. You opened the room next to Valentine's, but it was occupied by Taylor. You face went red because you walked in as Taylor was changing his shirt. He had beautiful abs. You tried to keep yourself from staring as you apologized. "S-s-sorry..." you said dazed. Taylor gave a cute laugh and said, "no problem, sorry if you wanted this room though." You had no words, so you justy nodded and closed the door. "Oh lord, have mercy!" You whispered, your cheeks still flushed.
  7. You calmed yourself down, as you opened the door next to Elijah. It was a bathroom. "Maybe I'll sleep in the bathtub." You thought. You opened the next door down, and you saw Emma there reading Seventeen Magazine. She didn't seem to notice you, so you just went away. You opened the door next to Taylor, hoping it wasn't claimed yet. Before you could open it though, you went down to the last door that was on the right side, closest to the hall window. You recognized the door you decorated at the old safe house. You opened the room door and saw that the room wasn't the same, but the things you painted on the walls, the doodles, the lyrics, everything, were still there. "Hmm, I guess what you do to your room stays there. Cool" You explored your room and was 2x's better than the one in the old house. & this one had a balcony overlooking the pool. You looked inside your closet, and saw the same clothes, and some new ones. You checked in closet labeled 'Shoes' & there was pretty much every brand you liked. You set up your MacBook Air and decided to go on GrooveShark to listen to music. You made a new playlist and layed down on your bed, realizing how tired you were, and took a short nap. You woke up after 10 minutes or so to the smell of barbeque coming from downstairs. You slid down (which was the coolest thing ever) and saw a robot thing grilling some barbeque skewers on the grill in the kitchen. You didn't know how to respond to this as you never really saw the robot anywhere else before. "uh hi?" You said to the robot. "Hello, I am Wall-E. I am here to serve you and your friends." He said in a robot voice. Jerimiah and Dakota came downstairs, and al three of you stared at Wall-E, not knowing what to do. "His name is Wall-E. Like in the movie." You informed them. Jerimiah walked forward and said, "hi Wall-e, erm, you don't have to cook for us. It's ok, we were actually going to order pizza." The tv opened up and there was a message reading, "Take Wall-e as a gift from us. & we named Wall-e before those stupid disney writers and producers stole it from us. Enjoy." The rest of the lot came downstairs (or may I say slid) & Elijah filled them in. "I guess we're having barbeque tonight." Jerimiah said. You around the countertop and saw Wall-e was also going to make grilled corn and mac & cheese. "Poor Wall-e" Emma said, "He's like a slave." You got behind the counter with Wall-E and decided to help him out with dinner. "Wall-E? Is it okay if we help you?" You asked. "No one asked to help before. I would be eternally delighted." Wall-E said. Emma joined in, followed by Jerimiah, & Taylor. Soon, everybody was helping out. It was fun making dinner with other people. & it was better eating it. Valentine invited Wall-E to eat with you guys, but then it hit her that he was a robot. "What do you eat?" Elijah asked. Wall-E didn't reply, but glided across the floor to the fridge and brought a rotten head of lettuce to the table. Jay and Jerimiah made some room for Wall-E to stand (since he couldn't sit). Then, Wall-E pushed a button on himself and the top of his robotic head flew open and he stuffed the head of lettuce in there. "Okay." Jay said, followed by eating a spoonful of Mac & Cheese.
  8. Everybody was full. Even Wall-E. You trudged upstairs to relax & listen to your playlist. Then there was a knock on your door. "Come in" you said, not wanting to get of bed. Dakota walked in and smiled. "Hi." He said. "Heyyy" You replied back flipping channels on the flatscreen. "Can I sit down?" He asked. "Sure." You replied stopping on the Fox channel to watch Glee. "can I help you with something?" You asked. "Uh yea" he said, "Can I borrow your laptop?" "You sat down with me just to ask if you could borrow my laptop?" You asked with a small smile. "Don't you have your own?" You asked. "No, I got an iphone." He said with a smile. "I'll let you borrow my laptop if you let me play angry birds on your phone." You said. Dakota agreed and went to his room to fetch the phone. "aw, he's cute." You said in your head. He came back and gave you the phone, as he grabbed the laptop. "No p---." You said jokingly. "No worries," he said with a laugh. You played Angry Birds for 20 minutes and went out to the balcony. You saw Jay soaking his feet in the pool, unfortunately with his shirt still on. You decided to go out to the pool yourself, to try to get to know him better. You put on some shorts and went downstairs to the pool. You sat next to him and dunked your feet in the nice, warm, pool water. "Hi." You said. "Hey, what brings you here?" He asked, his eyes glowing vibrantly. "Oh nothing, just thought you would want some company, considering that you were all alone here." You replied, trying not to mess this conversation up. "Oh, well thanks for the thought." There was an awkward silence after he said that. All you could here was the water splashing about as both of your feet were moving about. "Can I ask you something?" You asked Jay. "Sure. What about?" You thought whether you should ask it or not but you did anyways. "Are those contacts or those your natural eyes?" It was such a stupid question. You realized that after you asked it, but to your surprise, it made Jay smile. "It's natural. Yea, I don't get it either. I suppose yours are natural?" You thought about your eye color, and how boring it was compared to his. "Yup, just plain old (insert eye color here). You stared at your feet in the water, then heard a big splash. Jay was in the pool, swimming. His body was seriously, freaking gorgeous. As suspected, he did have abs, he peeked his head out of the pool and flipped his hair out of his face; you know that cute little things guys do when there hair is wet in the pool. "Are you coming in?" He asked with a smile.
  9. Luckily, you had a swimsuit on underneath your shirt & shirts, so you took off your clothes and dove in. Right when your head popped out of the water, Jay splashed some right in your face. "I see how it is." You said jokingly. You splashed him back and suddenly, the pool became a battlefield. Jay went underwater, and you could barely see him with all that chlorine in your eyes. When you finally adjusted, Jay popped out of the water, face to face with you. His face was just about 2 inches away from yours. You were both breathing heavily, tired from splashing the water and swimming around trying to avoid eachother. You rested your forhead against his and looked deeply into his strange purple eyes. You could sense sadness and depression, but that was far from your mind at the moment. After staring at eachother for about 25 seconds, you both slowly leaned in to kiss eachother. It was a passionate kiss, and because it was in the pool it made it 10x's more romantic. You broke the kiss, smiled, and said, "I should go, it's getting late." Jay nodded and helped you out of the pool. He got out aswell, and wrapped the towel around you. You happily walked away, and went into the house. Meanwhile, Jay was grinning from ear to ear, and dried himself off aswell. You took a shower, changed into your pajamas, and went to return Dakota's phone to him.
  10. You went to Dakota's room and returned the phone to him. You got the laptop and before you left he called your named to wait. "Yea?" You asked, still thinking about Jay. "Umm, if we don't go to some crazy time period tomorrow, or if we still have time, would you mind meeting me at the Eiffel Tower @ like 6:00 PM?" You thought about it for a minute then said, "Uh yea, sure, I wouldn't mind." Dakota smiled and said, "Ok, cool. Goodnight." Followed by the goodnight, he kissed you on the forehead, and gosh were his lips soft. "Goodnight." You replied with a smile. You walked back into your room, and slept like you've never slept before, with the biggest smile on your face, as you were thinking about what more there was to come.

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