Some questions about America

This is basic stuff, but some of the most incorrectly answered question. Blame it on rednecks, hicks, and those E!/ American Idol loving people. Try turning on the news once in a while.

So, do you think you can do it? There is one way to find out. take this simple 10 question quiz and see if you know anything about America. Well Good luck, and try not to be too stupid.

Created by: Ryan Lock
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1. This is an easy one. What is the country's full name?
The United States
United States of America
2. How many States are there?
3. How many states do not touch the US mainland?
4. True or false: You must have been born in the United States to be elected into an office.
5. The right to bear arms does not allow what?
The state to create its own military
Citizens to own weapons
Use a weapon if one feels threatened.
None, I tried to trick you.
6. Is the right to vote in the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence?
The Constitution
Declaration of Independence
A little of both
7. The United States is a Pure Democracy.
8. The United States is a Representative Democracy.
9. What is the United States?
I was just messing with you, it is a democracy
a republic
a federation
all of the above
B and C
A and C
10. Election Day is...
The first Monday in November of a year ending in 0, 4, or 8
The First Tuesday after the First Mondat in November of the Even numbered year
November 12th
Whenever Congress decides to make it.
None of the above.

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