Shadows of the Moon

There are many different types of people in the world. Are you a leader, like Isis or Lace? More of a follower like Sif? Or are you a secretive person like Venus? Come and find out.

Think you know what type of person you are, then you shouldn't be afraid to take this quiz. It has hot werewolves in it. No that's not a bribe, there actually is a hot werewolf in it.

Created by: cady
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3. You're alone and walk down the allie back to the den you hear a voice calling your name, you
Stop and turn, its probably Horus
Stop, you're not scared
Run away, you don't want to die
Think of a logical answer before doing anything
Is this even important?
4. As you thought its just Horus. "Hey." He says. "What are you doing out here alone? Want to walk back with me?" You answer
Sure why not.
I guess so...
Nah I'm good
Why would I want to walk back with you?
Idk is he cute
5. You walk back with him and you take a good look at him. He runs a hand through his thick, blue-black hair, right where the red streak is. He's wearing a black leather jacket, dark blue jeans, and a white t-shirt. You think he's
Totally hot! (Horus: Woo! Me: -_- Failure)
Cute, but the pack comes first
Like a brother to me
Not my type
Why are you asking me these questions!?
6. You shake off these thought when you hear, someone else calling you. Its Hermes the youngest member of the pack and also the most annoying, you
Yell at him until he goes away, he's just so annoying
Sigh, but answer him
Stay calm and see what he has to say
Think about hiding
I've got a pocket, a pocket full of sunshine (Me: ok...)
7. "Hey! I've been looking all over for you!" Hermes says. "Sorry I've been out." You tell him. "That's ok! You're here now!" You answer
Yep, while wishing you weren't
What do you need? Is there a problem
You don't answer, just walk away.
Yes I am
I'm here? How did I get here? Save me!
8. "Nothing, I'm just bored." Hermes answers. You mouth at Horus to "Save you" and he mouths back "Sorry I can't" You
Kick him in the shin
Threaten to kill him (Horus: Don't kill him, he's a very nic person)
Roll your eyes
Tell him he sucks
I like Horus(Horus: Doesn't everyone? Me: Shut it!
9. You tell Horus that he sucks. He rolls his eyes. There's a tap on your shoulder, you
Whirl around, someone may need help
Turn around to see who it is
Ignore it, its probably not important
Turn around, ready to attack
Its a ghost! (Horus: I'll protect you! Me: Didn't I tell you to shut it!?)
10. Its Lace. She stands there looking at you, you
Stare at her, waiting for her to speak
Ask her what's wrong right away
Ignore her, she'll go away eventually
I'm Lace so I guess I just look at you
Bum, bum, de dum, bum, bum, be dum, dum (Horus: Good song Me: Will you be quite?!)
11. "There's something you need to see." She says and motions for you to follow. You
Follow her out of curiousity
Follow her, it could be important
Ignore her, its not important
Follow her, there might be a fight for you to break up
Burst into song and dance (Me: WTF is wrong with this person?)
12. You follow her into a room. There shall be a part 2 later. Until then, rate, comment, or break dance. Or do all three. Whatever floats your boat.
I'm doing all three!
I'll comment
I'll rate it
Starts break dancing (Horus: You go girl! Me: That's it *kicks shins*)

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