Revolutionary War

Do you enjoy the history of the Revolutionary War??? Do you think you know everything about General Washington and his army? Then You can test your knowledge by taking this quiz and have fun learning some new facts.

I was inspired by a book called "1776" by David McCullough. I recommend this book if you love the history of the Revolutionary War and George Washington.

Created by: Riley Foster Evans
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3. Where was George Washington born?
Tidewater, Virginia
Madison, Conneticut
Springfield, Illinois
4. How were officers distinguished from privates?
5. How was the Revolutionary War started?
Stamp and sugar tax
Unfair wages
Cruel government
6. Who won the Battle of Bunker Hill?
7. What was a whig
A political party not in suppart of the Revolution
A politcal party in suppart of the Revolution
A wig
8. What was the main liability George Washington faced when commanding his army?
Not enough fire wood
A low suppiy of gun powder
Not enough men
9. what was the main liability the British faced for the army in Boston
A low supply of fire wood
not enough gun powder
Not enough men
10. What is a torry?
A trator to the Brtish
a trator to the Americans
A French man
11. What state sent the most troops to New York for General Washington?
12. What was the biggest problem that the soldiers faced?
Not enough time to go home to the harvest
Not enough gun powder
Not enough firewood

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