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0%74 7il 7ha World Bk'LOw 0%

yOu A!n7 Bk'Oss 4OVLK S73p ! yOu N33d 2 6O 7o 7ha R3al hOOd And 67 Ya H3ad On R!6h7 b4 Yu CrOss 7hyss Way 74 7il 7ha World Blow

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If You Gt 100 Then Yu Real Bk'Oss If Nt FCK YOu Go Gt Ya s--- Right b4 Yu Step Bck Trynna Rep Tha Nation We Abt Thyss 74 Til Tha World Blow Free King Hoover Bk.Lkk.Vlk.5k.BPSK.**

"GD FOLK LIT TEST" was created by BXSMAN

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