r u sterotypical?

Stereotypical people can be annoying, funny, or clever. Just how far before it is too annoying. People can find stereotypical people annoying when every word that comes out of theior mouth is a diss to a certain group of people.

Are YOU stereotypical? Some people know that they are stereotypical, but they need some reassurance. Try this quiz and see the results as clear as day.

Created by: Cassia
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3. A black person is walking down the street. You shout...
Yo...what up dawg!!!
none of the above
4. A geek drops his books in the hallway. You...
step on his books and shout eww...a geek!
help him...you don't mind
help him...the principal is watching
pretend not to look
5. You are starving. The only place around is owned and run by blacks. Only blacks eat there. You...
eat there...you don't want to starve
eat there...you don't mind
rather starve
run in really quick and grab a burger
6. A new girl is from Korea her name is Hsin. Nobody can pronounce it. Do you...
stand up for her
make fun
offer to give her a tour...you'll get 20$ from your buddy
meet her in a dark place and help her out in secrecy
7. Your parents adopt a girl from India. Her name is Garima. Everyone makes fun of her, including your best friends. You...
tell them to f*** off
give Garima karate tips
Make fun too...you can't be left out
help her at your parents pleading
8. After 9/11 eveyone starts to be mean to Roya and Fathima. They are your nextstore neighbors. You...
help them in complete and total secrecy
laugh and do everything mean at you will
stick up for them and tell people that their specific family didn't do it
laugh because you gave into peer pressure
9. You favorite store is taken over and run by Indians. They have very heavy accents. You...
stop shopping there immediatly
don't mind you are friends with them
stop in only if necessary
only go in with a group of your friends
10. Some asians move into town. Soon the town is crawling with them. Your whole block is covered with them and they seem to be multiplying. You suggest to your parents...
to be more like them and make friends with them
move to a different town with your best bud
to move effective immediatly
nothing they should have the answers
11. You are forced to move to a new town. Chinatown, California. You...
stay with friends
go it will be fun
whatever...thats why they made cell phones, internet, and iPods
12. Suzanna is from Kentucky. She has a southern accent. All of your friends are calling her a hillbilly. You...
call her a hillbilly...all of your friends are doing it
call her a hillbilly...you started the name calling
try to stop the name calling...its mean and hurtful
try to avoid the situation

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