R U a real biker ?

There are many people that have the clothes & hang out at biker bars, but a REAL BIKER can spot a phony a mile away ! Live 2 Ride Ride 2 LiveLive 2 Ride Ride 2 LiveLive 2 Ride Ride 2 LiveLive 2 Ride Ride 2 LiveLive 2 Ride Ride 2 LiveLive 2 Ride Ride 2 LiveLive 2 Ride Ride 2 Live

Take this test to see if others think you'ree a REAL BIKER or a REAL IDIOT - you may fall somewher in between. Live 2 Ride Ride 2 LiveLive 2 Ride Ride 2 LiveLive 2 Ride Ride 2 LiveLive 2 Ride Ride 2 LiveLive 2 Ride Ride 2 LiveLive 2 Ride Ride 2 LiveLive 2 Ride Ride 2 Live

Created by: Mongo Jones
1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. Complete this sentence... "Live to Ride,
cause you only live once
while the sun shines
before the terroists blow us up
Ride to Live
Hide to Live
Stay out of jail
4. If someone says, "You'll need a lid in West Virginia", they're talking about...
a garbage can
a pickle jar
a roof
a helmet
a condom
5. "A Knucklehead is ...
Curly, from the 2 stooges
A punch, in the side of the head
A Harley motor
A breed of dog
A type of hoagie
a small pimple
6. Complete this sentence... " Show us your...
bank statement
new Harley
new puppy
tired, your poor, your hungry
new grips
7. "Laconia & Sturgis are...
serious skin diseases".
nighclub singers in Vegas".
TV detectives".
towns that hold annual bike rallies".
ingredients for apple pie".
8. "When riding in a group & the leader spots a policeman, he should...
downshift & twist on the throttle
pull over & tell him what a fine job he's doing
offer him a donut
tap the top of his head to warn others to slow down
moon him
9. "The apparatus that holds up the bike when parked is called a...
chain saw
jiffy stand
swinging chrome bike holder
taffy stand
gorman shaft
10. "The apparatus that keeps your bike from falling over when parked is called...
a bike butler".
a side leg".
a jiffy stand".
an ape hanger".
a straight pipe".
11. Complete this sentence... "This bee-yatch doesn't...
do windows
believe in U.F.O' s
shave under her arms
brush her teeth
fall off'.
change the tires
12. " Ape hangers are...
an exercise apparatus at the zoo
people that execute bad apes
large silicone implants
indoor flowers
13. "I rode mine means...
I took a test ride before I bought it".
my date went alot better than I thought it would".
I rode my bike instead of puttin' it on a trailer".
I have a horse in the country".
they didn't cancel my bus route".
14. "If you ride without a windshield, you might eat...
pork chops
2 hot dogs & a six pack of beer
15. "The HELL'S ANGELS are ...
bible study group
a group of traveling strippers
an English soccer team
a motorcycle gang
a motorcycle club
a biker barbershop quartet
16. " Sometimes, when the OUTLAWS, HELL'S ANGELS, or PAGANS cross paths, someone...
goes out for dinner
ends up hurt or dead
compare motorcyle knowledge
organizes a blood drive
sells Girl Scout cookies
tries to sell Amway
17. If you have some nice ink, it means...
you carry a pocket protector with expensive pens
you have tattoos
you collect sales agreements
you have rare wall hangings
you never use pencils
you have murals painted on your scooter
18. "Road rash is...
a vegetable that grows along the highway
a sexually transmitted disease
track marks from drug abuse
a biker drink made with Jack Daniels
scrapes & scabs that you get when you crash
19. "It's not the destination, it's
the cost of doing business".
places that you end up".
the adventure".
scenic view".
smell that you get from the cows".
20. "A bagger is...
a homeless biker
a biker that works at the grocery store
a type of motorcycle
an old biker bee-yatch
an ethnic slur
21. "Panhead - Shovelhead - Ironhead "... These are types of...
biker helmets
bike motors
exotic snakes
22. Number of bikers that show up at Sturgis each year...
couple hundred
500,000 +
23. "An old Harley is most known for...
dripping gasoline
dripping oil
dripping blood'.
dripping beer
dripping coffee
telling stories over & over til you want to strangle him
24. "A Twin Cam Harley motor is cooled via...
whole house air".
small windmills".
anti freeze solution".
25. "Daytona is...
a Chrysler car".
a young female actress".
a biker destination".
a biker name".
a popular bike color".
26. "Chaps are...
wind dried lips
usually lookin' good if she's wearin' a thong
bike covers
popular biker snacks ( Chaps & beer )
leather pants
not legal in Alabama
27. "A Harley motor has...
lots of plastic parts
2 cylinders
4 cylinders
8 cylinders
removeable saddlebags
a mind of it's own
28. " Leather bags are...
what bikers carry groceries ln ".
what bikers carry beer in ".
bike compartments for carrying supplies".
old women that spent too much time on the beach ".
large biker buttocks".
29. " You should only change your oil when..
you travel over 50,000 miles
you hear loud noises coming from the motor
you hit the lottery
your wife meets your girlfriend
you travel 3,000 miles
you get hungry
30. ' Milwaukee Iron is...
a household tool for removing wrinkles from biker clothing ".
a dark biker beer ".
a type of tournament poker ".
a rap group".
a country group ".
a term that applies to Harley motorcycles".
31. "To STAGGER when riding in a group, you ...
that you had too much to drink".
someone forgot to floss".
ride single file".
leave space between bikes for unexpected hazards".
leave space for unexpected passengers".
32. ' The most popular type of riding jacket is...
33. " Loud pipes save...
34. "The right lever on the handlebar is usually for...
going faster".
opening beer cans".
setting the parking brake".
35. " A Fat Boy is...
a derogatory term for an overweight biker".
a nuclear bomb".
a big, juicy hamburger".
a Harley model ".
a small rodent, popular when grilled at biker events".
36. " A womans' collection of beads is directly related to...
how many times she called home
how many times she removed her top
how many times she rode a motorcycle'.
how she handles the pressure
how many beers she drinks
how many children she has
37. " Helmet laws...
are for your protection".
are imaginary".
apply to all vehicles".
are popular in desert areas".
38. " Put a 600 pound _____ between your legs".
block of ice
bag of potatoes
39. In the movie "EASY RIDER", Peter Fonda rode a...
bucking bronco".
40. "Also in EASY RIDER, Jack Nicholson wore a...
navy blue business suit
football helmet
hockey helmet
army helmet
grey rain coat
pair of black fish net stockings
41. " A biker's woman is his..
soul mate
future bride
Old lady
reason for living
ball & chain
the least of his worries
42. " A HOG is a...
overweight person
a big Harley
a Volkswagen
a biker drink
a biker pet
god in some tropical tribes

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